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Research award

Awards and recognition

The purpose of the annual Grenfell Campus Research Award is to recognize an academic staff member (ASM) who has demonstrated outstanding research accomplishments and has made significant contributions to advance the Grenfell Campus's reputation for research excellence.  


The award consists of a framed certificate and a cash prize of $500 or a grant of $500 in support of research activities. The name of the recipient will be inscribed on an official plaque to be displayed at Grenfell Campus.


All ASMs will be eligible to apply or be nominated for this award. The nominee's research portfolio will be assessed only as far back as the nominee's date of first employment at MUN, on either campus.  The nominee must be employed at Grenfell Campus for the year in which the nominee is nominated for this award.  No individual shall receive the award more than once.

Assessment criteria

To receive the award, the nominee must demonstrate sustained and outstanding research achievement and impact. In the context of this award, research refers to scholarly work including creative activity and performance that is peer-reviewed, adjudicated, or equivalent in a manner that is appropriate to the discipline in question.  The onus is on the nominee to demonstrate evidence of the significance and impact of the research (such evidence may include but is not limited to peer-reviewed publication, success in gaining external or internal funding, the degree of publicly engaged research, the nominee's provincial, national, or international reputation, the quality of the critical reviews of the work, and so on).

Nomination process

Any division at Grenfell Campus can nominate up to three nominees annually for the award.  If there are more than three nominees in a given division, then a subcommittee must be formed in that division to select the three nominees.  This subcommittee must be chaired by a member of the Awards Committee, in addition to faculty from that division, to be appointed by the division head. 

The nomination will be accompanied by the following materials for each nominee:

  • a cover letter that outlines the nominee's research excellence and the impact of the research; the letter should describe  the nominee's contribution in a way that is easily understandable to those outside of the nominee's discipline
  • a Canada Common CV
  • one sample of the nominee's  adjudicated research publications or dissemination
  • the name and contact information of two suitable external referees who can be contacted to comment on the nominee's research

The nominee should not choose referees who:

  • are affiliated with Memorial University or are from the same institution as any member of the nominee's research team (including co-authors or collaborators);
  • are themselves from the same institution (i.e. the two referees the nominee suggests must be from two different institutions)
  • have collaborated with the nominee or any member of the nominee's research team within the last five years
  • have published with the nominee in the last five years
  • have had a personal relationship with the nominee or with any member of the nominee's research team
  • have served as the nominee's thesis supervisor or who have had a similar supervisory or mentoring relationship with the nominee within the last five years.

Selection p​​rocess

The selection committee, to be designated by the vice-president (Grenfell Campus), is responsible for the designation of the recipient of this award.  The vice-president will make a reasonable effort to ensure that each nominee's discipline is represented on the committee.

If no nomination meets the criteria, then no award will be given for that year.

Office of the Registrar

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