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Experiential learning

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​​​​Experiential Learning (EL):  "Learning by Doing"

EL provides students with the opportunity to au​thentic​ate their learning i​n real world situations; embeds learning activities; complements classroom instruction and encourages active participation.


Benefits of EL to Students​

  • Brings learning to real life activities

  • Actively engaged

  • Manage their own learning

  • Relationships are developed and nurtured 

  • Context for learning is different (outside classroom)​

Benefits to Faculty

  • Ensuring students’ deeper understanding

  • Integrating current issues into course

  • Engaging students as active learners

  • Fostering relationships with community

  • Providing opportunities for future research

  • Demonstrating teaching excellence

  • ​Incorporating Engaged Teaching and Learning​

Benefits to Community Partners

  • Completed projects

  • Relationships strengthened

  • Volunteers, board members, potential hires

  • Community partners inform the curriculum

  • Coaching and mentoring skills developed

  • Voices from the community to the classroom​

Mentoring Program:  A.C.C.E.S.S.

The A.C.C.E.S.S. (Attaining Career Connections to Encourage Student Success)​ program is an 8-we​ek experiential learning mentoring opportunity designed to bridge the gap from education to the workplace. Third and fourth year students will explore their occupational options and gain firsthand knowledge and experi​​ence from a professional mentor.

Commitment: ACCESS - Justin.jpg

  • 8 weeks:  2 hours per week (min.)
  • Voluntary, no pay and no cost involved
  • Confidentiality agreement provided
  • Non-credit program/ no work report required


  • Explore occupational fields of interest
  • Gain firsthand knowledge and experience in a profession       
  • Create realistic career goals to develop an effective career path   
  • Gain confidence to connect with potential employer
  • Develop valuable employment networks    

Justin Cottreau, Pursuing Social Work Degree

placed with mentor @ CYN, Alternative Suspension Program


  • Impact the career plans of students                                           
  • Provide professional information and advice                              
  • Promote your profession 

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