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Catherine Keske

​Dr. Catherine Keske, B.Sc. (Bowling Green State), M.Sc. (Vanderbilt), M.Sc. (Colorado), Ph.D. (Colorado State)

Phone: (709) 637-2176


Office: FC2025

Associate Professor, Boreal Ecosystems and Agricultural Sciences; Environmental Studies (ECON)


I am an applied economist who studies contemporary resource and policy issues.  I earned my Ph.D. in agricultural and resource economics from Colorado State University and my Master of Science degree in mineral economics from Colorado School of Mines. 


I enjoy working on complex natural resource projects that involve diverse multiple disciplines and research methods.   My multi-phase research studies often incorporate both quantitative and qualitative techniques.  For exampl​e, several of my recent publications utilize quantitative methods like stochastic risk analysis, contingent valuation, data envelope analysis, and multi-level modeling.  In other projects, I incorporate other qualitative methods like focus group interviews and legal case analysis.  My research encompasses a variety of natural resource and environmental topics, including soils, agricultural production, forest tourism and recreation, energy, and waste management. 

Since joining Memorial University-Grenfell Campus in 2014, my research has primarily focused on food security, food sovereignty, and agricultural production.   I have also continued my interdisciplinary research on sense of place, place attachment, and environmental policy.  My current projects also pertain to ecosystem services (and the boreal ecosystem, in particular) and sustainable economic development.  During the past two years I have taught graduate courses in research methods and energy policy, as well as undergraduate macroeconomics and ecolog​​ical economics classes.

My recent students have worked on projects in food systems, food security, bio-energy, agricultural crop rotations, wildlife, and polli​​nators.

Current Research and Projects

Several of my research projects involve agricultural production, Newfoundland food systems, and food security.

I am editing a book about Newfoundland food systems and agricultural research in Atlantic Canada.  The book will be comprised of 16 chapters from 26 authors, on topics pertaining to gardening and local food, food security and sovereignty, and agricultural production. We anticipate that the book will be published in late 2016.  Many of the contributors are active in the group, FARM (Food Advocacy Research at Memorial).  More information about FARM is available at:

Provincial Agri-Foods has also funded a project to study the economic feasibility of several proposed crop rotations within the province, including potatoes, soybeans, and wheat. 

I am also in the process of developing metrics to evaluate the province's food security and food sovereignty for the Newfoundland food system, which consists of both locally-produced and imported foods.  These quantitative metrics will assist the province in evaluating the sustainability and effectiveness of its policies, and it is my hope that citizens will be able to make better informed decisions.  I believe that the province's food security and food sovereignty will be enhanced if citizens take ownership of their resources and have a voice in how their food resources are managed over time.  A qualitative analysis of the connection between food security, food sovereignty, and food justice, was published in the "Food Justice and Agriculture" Special Edition of the journal Spatial Justice.  This study provides the foundation for my forthcoming quantitative work:

I welcome inquiries from students, scholars, and the public about my research program.  Please feel free to review my attached curriculum vita for more information about my work and potential opportunities for collaboration. 

 Keske CV March 2016.pdf

Recent Publications

As follows is a list of peer-reviewed journal articles from the past 5 years.  Information about books/book chapters, extension reports, and older peer reviewed articles is available on my attached CV.

Keske, C.M.H., Dare, J., Hancock, T., King, M., 2016, The connectivity of food security, food sovereignty, and food justice in boreal ecosystems:  the case of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, Spatial Justice Nº9 Food Justice and Agriculture.

Available at:

Keske, C.M.H., Dare, J., Hancock, T., King, M., 2016, << La connexion de la sécurité alimentaire, de la souveraineté alimentaire et de la justice alimentaire dans le système boréal : le cas de Saint-Pierre et Miquelon>> Justice Spatiale, Nº9, édition spéciale sur justice alimentaire et agriculture.  Traduction française est en cours. Traduction: Tiffany Hancock.

Available at:


Hou, Lingling, D.L. Hoag, and C.M.H. Keske, 2015, Abatement costs of soil conservation in China's Loess Plateau: Balancing income with conservation in an agricultural system.  Journal of Environmental Management, 149, pp. 1-8.


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Keske, C.M.H., D.L. Hoag, A. Brandess, and J. Johnson, 2013, Is it economically feasible for farmers to grow their own fuel?  A study of Camelina sativa produced in the western United States as an on-farm biofuel.  Biomass and Bioenergy, 54, pp. 89-99.


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Keske, C.M.H., S. Evans, T. Iverson, 2012, Total cost electricity pricing:  A market solution for increasingly rigorous environmental standards.  The Electricity Journal, 25(2), pp. 7-15.

Available at:


Loomis, J.B. and C.M.H. Keske, 2012, Did the great recession reduce visitor spending and willingness to pay for nature-based recreation?  Evidence from 2006 and 2009, Contemporary Economic Policy, 30(2), pp. 238-246. 


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Chair, Environmental Studies

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