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Independant Project

Historical studies

Instructor/Supervisor will depend on student's choice of topic

History 4950 is the Independent Project required of all students who major in Historical Studies. Normally, the project will be undertaken during the last semester of a candidate’s study. Candidates will complete the project in one academic term. Normally, students wishing to do the project will notify the Program Chair before the end of classes during the semester prior to taking History 4950. At that time, they will discuss what they would like to do. Every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate individual interests. Proposals, however, must be feasible given the time constraints of one term, the availability of sources, and the general knowledge of the faculty. Students will arrange regular meetings with supervisors to discuss their progress in the course.


A. The finished paper will be between 5000 and 7000 words in length.

B. The research base will be equivalent to 15 books, although it may take other forms than traditional printed sources. Where and when appropriate, students may be encouraged to consult some primary source materials; this however is not a course requirement.

C. During the first two weeks of the semester, students will meet with their assigned supervisor to discuss the topic proposals submitted previously to the Program Chair, and will begin immediate preparation of the formal proposal and preliminary bibliography as explained in ‘D’ below.

D. Students will submit a formal thesis proposal supported by a preliminary bibliography to their supervisor by the end of the second week of the semester or the first drop date of the semester, whichever comes first. This component will be given a grade of "pass/fail".

E. Students will submit an annotated bibliography by the end of the fourth week of the semester. This component will be given a grade of "pass/fail".

F. A working outline of their project will be presented to the supervisor by the end of the sixth week of the semester.

G. Students will submit a full first draft of their project in the ninth week of the semester.

H. Students will give an Oral Presentation based on their first full draft in the tenth week of the semester. They will receive written comments on this oral presentation through their supervisor no later than three days after the presentation.

The final paper will be due no later than the last day of classes during the semester.



Formal thesis proposal and preliminary bibliography

Annotated bibliographypass/fail

Oral Presentation (determined by consensus of all Historical Studies faculty in attendance)

Finished paper (determined by at least two faculty assessors)70%


Failure to meet any due date without showing due cause will result in a penalty of 5% for the first day and 2% for each calendar day up to a maximum of 6 total "late days", after which a grade of zero will be awarded for the assignment in question.

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