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Bernard Wills

Faculty and Staff

Bernard Wills, B.A. (King's), M.A. (Dalhousie), Ph.D. (McMaster)

Phone: (709) 637-6200 ext. 6309


Office:  AS332E

Associate Professor – Humanities


Dr. Wills' research area is Plato and the History of Platonism particularly in Augustine and the Medieval and Early Modern Augustinians. He is more broadly concerned with the tradition of philosophical theology in general and its relation to the symbolic, poetic and erotic dimensions of experience. Dr. Wills is currently working on the role of myth and imagery in Plato's Phaedo and is writing on the role of imaginative representation in religious belief.​

Chair, Humanities

Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland
20 University Drive, Corner Brook, NL
A2H 5G4, Canada

Office: AS332E
Phone: (709) 637-6200 ext. 6309