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Welcome to the first issue of INSIGHT-FELL (March 2018), which highlights the exciting, dynamic, multi-disciplinary research of Grenfell Campus's students and faculty. An initiative of the Associate Vice President of Research and Graduate Studies' office, the newsletter will focus on our individual and group research projects, and will provide opportunities to share information and connect with each other. Please find links to the content of this INSIGHT-FELL issue below, which covers research from summer and fall 2017.

You can also find lots of exciting articles, podcasts, and videos on INSIGHT-BLOG, which highlights the exciting, dynamic, and multi-disciplinary research of Grenfell Campus‘ students, staff, and faculty between issues of our research newsletter.

Message from Dr. Kelly Vodden, associate vice-president

SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS (click title for articles)
Artist in residence program: Boreal Ecosystem Research Initiative and Visual Arts
Prof. Renate Pohl (Theatre)Reflection/Transmission, an interactive lighting and set installation 
Prof. Heather Leier (Theatre): Avert perception of the constructed life-phase of young womanhood

SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SOCIAL SCIENCE (click title for articles)
Dr. Roselyne Okech (Tourism): Socio-economic effects of the fisheries industry in Kenya
Dr. Anming Wu (Business): The effects of product market competition on firm value and its two components—assets in place and growth options—in the framework of real options
Dr. Rainer Baeher's (Historical Studies): Oral histories of people on the Northern Peninsula 

SCHOOL OF SCIENCE AND THE ENVIRONMENT (click title for articles)
Dr. Paul Foley (Environmental Policy): Navigating the foggy seas of sustainability certification
Dr. Raymond Thomas (Environmental Science - BEAS): Natura Soap Company
Dr. Erin Fraser (Environmental Science - Biology): Bat population dynamics in Gros Morne National Park
EPI Graduate Students attended the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation Conference

WESTERN REGIONAL SCHOOL OF NURSING (click title for articles)
Students Jessica White and Aimée Philpott: Where am I and what day is it again: tools for residents diagnosed with dementia 
Prof. Peggy Hancock: Program delivery for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder
Prof. Alexia Barnable, Prof. Glenda Cunning, and Mariel Parcon: Nursing students' perceptions of confidentiality, accountability and E-professionalism in relation to Facebook
Prof. Trudy Read and Prof. Pam Moores: The experience of mothers in rural Newfoundland and Labrador whose partners work away from home

FERRISS HODGETT LIBRARY (click title for articles)
Crystal Rose and Heather Strickland: Implementation of a new online course resource system
Louise McGillis and Crystal Rose: The creation, dissemination, and evaluation of fake news
Dr. Veronica Hutchings: Access to and evaluation of self-help materials

The Fast Track to Research
Research Centre to focus on aging in Newfoundland and Labrador
The Forest Ecosystems Research Cooperative (FERC)
Collaboration with Corner Brook Pulp and Paper
Sustainable Northern Coastal Communities (SNCC)
Recipients of the 2017/18 VP (Grenfell) Research Fund


Listings of Conference Paper Presentations, Exhibitions, and Publications from Summer and Fall 2017

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