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Applicants to Grenfell's bachelor of education program must already have earned a degree with the following pre-requisite courses:

  • To be considered for admission to the Bachelor of Education (Primary/Elementary) as a Second Degree program, an applicant must have:
    1. been awarded a Bachelor’s Degree, or approved (prior to program startup) for the award of a Bachelor’s Degree from a university recognized by Memorial University of Newfoundland;

    2. achieved a cumulative average of at least 65% or an average of at least 65% on the last attempted 30 credit hours;

    3. completed a minimum of:

      • 6 credit hours in English - ESL courses cannot be used to satisfy this requirement;

      • 6 credit hours in Mathematics or 3 credit hours in Calculus;

      • 6 credit hours in Psychology;

      • Science 1150 and 1151 or 6 credit hours in science in any combination to be chosen from: Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Environmental Science, Physics. It is recommended that applicants have 9 credit hours in Science.

      • 6 credit hours in any combination to be chosen from: Anthropology, Archaeology, Economics, Folklore, Geography, History, Linguistics, Political Science, Religious Studies, Sociology;

      • 6 credit hours in French (recommended) or 6 credit hours in a single language other than English, or demonstration of equivalent competency in a second language; and

      • the equivalent of a completed focus area as per Focus Areas for Bachelor of Education (Primary/Elementary) as a First Degree or the completion of a major or minor within the initial Bachelor's degree program in a subject area classified as a focus area.

        An applicant with French as a focus area must also have completed at least 4 weeks at an approved Francophone institution in a French-speaking area or have acquired equivalent work experience in a Francophone environment.

Students must also meet the general admission requirements for Memorial University to be eligible for Grenfell's bachelor of education program.

Sharon Langer, Instructor/Coordinator K-6 Education

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