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Historical studies


​​Historical studies involves more than facts, dates and events. 

The four-year bachelor of arts program focuses on historical developments, events, social and cultural conditions, major turning points and the lives of people who shape them. This program is about exploring the practical and intellectual aspects of the past that will intrigue, challenge and inspire students.

Why study historical studies?

History is the living, breathing story of humankind – how the past has influenced the present. Historical studies explores the different ways in which western societies, cultures and nations have evolved from the days of Greece and Rome to the present. You can take courses in European and North American history and explore the beginnings of empires to more recent globalization. Learn about art, cultural, gender and environmental history.

Historical studies students learn to research, discuss, communicate and engage an audience. You will learn how to investigate important issues and ideas, make sense of them, and critically evaluate them.

Your learning will culminate with an independent project. You'll bring together all of your learning to write an essay on any topic of your choice, delving into areas of history that excite you. Explore various resources offered for students in the historical studies program. Take part in the Historical Society at Grenfell Campus.

View a list of fall and winter history courses.

It's local

The west coast of Newfoundland is rich in history. Native people inhabited this land thousands of years before Europeans landed here. This is also the place of first Norse contact in North America. Our natural and human history is evident in nearby historical sites, including Gros Morne National Park, James Cook Monument, Port au Choix, Bay St. George, Flat Bay and L’Anse aux Meadows.

It's affordable

You'll enjoy the lowest tuition rate in English-speaking Canada. The provincial government gives high priority to education, providing extensive funding to Memorial University. This commitment allows us to provide an affordable yet high-quality post-secondary education.

It's personal

At Grenfell, your Historical Studies professors will provide you with personalized attention in your undergraduate academic development.  You will never be treated by them as just another number.  With only 1,300 students on campus and a low student-instructor ratio in most history courses, the possibility also exists for you to make real connections with all your classmates and professors, and to become an important part of the wider Grenfell community.

Our faculty bring history to life while exploring various cultures including the history of Newfoundland, Canada, Europe and Greece. Meet our historical studies program faculty and staff.

Information for first-year students

As a Grenfell student, you can participate in the Student Exchange Program, where you pay Grenfell tuition rates while studying in another NSE member university in Canada or the United States.

Efforts of outstanding students are recognized with University Medals for Academic Excellence and other scholarships, awards, and prizes.


You must meet to the general admission requirements for Memorial University and declare historical studies as your major to be admitted to the program.

Career opportunities

Hear what our recent graduates have to say about our historical studies program at Grenfell Campus. Our graduates have a number of career opportunities available to them, such as:

  • Archival and heritage jobs
  • Careers in education
  • Positions in the communications industry
  • Jobs in historical tourism
  • Careers in law
  • Museum work

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