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Janice Turner

Faculty and Staff

Prof. Janice Turner, B.Comm. (Hons.)(Co-op) (Memorial), MBA (Dalhousie)


Lecturer – Business Administration

Phone: (709) 639-2573
AS 2015


Teaching Interests

I primarily teach courses that focus on people, ideas and experiences, with a focus on how we relate to each other, organizations, and products. Part of my regular course delivery includes Introduction to Business (both in class and online), Marketing, Human Resource Management, and Business & Professional Communication. I also teach Marketing Research, Understanding Consumer Behaviour, and other elective courses in Marketing.

Research Interests

I am particularly interested in perception and attitudes related to branding and consumer behaviour in sport, especially as these topics relate to brand image and the creation of community. I am also keenly interested in understanding management challenges in the non-profit sector and exploring differences between non-profit and for-profit organizations, including understanding national (NSOs) and international sporting organizations (ISOs) and major events.

Recent Conference Presentations

Turner, J.L. & Pitcher Giles, J.B. Marble Mountain Resort: Driving growth through the 4Ps. 2015 ASAC Conference—Case Track, Halifax, NS.

Pitcher, J.B. & Turner, J.L. (2015). Reframing the definition of social entrepreneurship: A contemporary model. 2015 Canadian Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (CCSBE) Conference, Edmonton, AB.

Turner, J.L. & Pitcher, J.B. Marble Mountain Resort: Driving growth through the 5Ps. 2014 ASAC Conference—Embryo Case Track, Huntsville, ON.

Pitcher, J.B. & Turner, J.L. Social entrepreneurship: Clarifying the concept. Invited presenters at Social Entrepreneurship Symposium, Corner Brook, NL.

Chair, Business Administration

Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland
20 University Drive, Corner Brook, NL
A2H 5G4 , Canada

Phone: (709) 639-4600