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Program requirements

Historical studies

​​Students will complete 40 courses (three credit hours per course).

Main program requirements

  1. ​History 1100 and History 1101 (two courses which together provide a survey of history from the 16th century to the 21st century, introducing the student to key historical concepts, ideas and events)

  2. Four courses from the Early Western History list
  3. Four courses from the Later Western Hi​story list

  4. History 3840 (Historical Methods)

  5. Two courses in 4000-level History courses other than History 4950

  6. History 4950 (Independent Project in historical studies) - see below



  1. Five courses from a list of specified historical studies courses in disciplines other than history
  2. An eight-course minor in one or a balanced combination of two disciplines other than history
  3. 11 electives



Note: Students must ensure the Grenfell Campus core requirement​ are met.


Early Wester​​n History

  • History/Classics 2035, 2040, 3090
  • History 2100, 2200, 2300, 2320, 2330, 3050, 3110, 3135, 3320, 3445, 3760
  • History/Anthropology 3520
  • History/Art History 2700, 3700, 3701



Later Western ​History

  • History 2120, 2210, 2310, 2500, 2510, 3060, 3120, 3250, 3440, 3460, 3490, 3770
  • History/Anthropology H3525

  • History/Art History 2701

  • History/Economics 3630

Independent Project

The historical studies degree at Grenfell culminates with HIST 4950, an independent project​. In this course, the student brings together all of his or her learning to write an essay on any topic of his or her choice, providing that a faculty member is available to supervise it. The independent project allows the student to delve into areas of history that interests or excites him or her that perhaps were only touched on - or not covered at all - in other courses. 


Minor in historical studies

Students completing a minor in historical​​ studies will complete eight courses (three credit hours per course) including:

  1. History 1100 and History 1101

  2. History 3840 (Historical Methods)

  3. One course (three credit hours) at the 3000 level in History

  4. One course (three credit hours) at the 4000 level in History

  5. Three additional courses (nine credit hours) in History


Minor in art history

Students may now wish to take a minor in art history at Grenfell Campus. Below are the requirements for a minor in Art History:

  1. Visual Arts 2700 and 2701

  2. 18 credit hours in Art History at the 3000- or 4000- level


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