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Fall 2017

The Sea By Edward Bond. A dark comedy set in a small town the east coast of Britain, 1907. Willy Carson loses his friend at sea and just escapes drowning himself. Still in shock, he finds himself in the home town of his newly-lost friend and has to contend with the strange-towns-people who cross his path including the formidable Louise Raffi, amateur thespian and town battle-axe, Rose Jones, the drowned boy's fiancé and Hatch, the crazed draper who thinks that Willy is an alien who has come to invade our planet. The Sea is a wonderful mixture of Oscar Wilde-ian wit, wild farce and Shakesperian romance. Directed by Theatre Chair, Michael Waller, designed by visiting artist Vickie Marsten (Set and Costumes) and Technical Theatre production professor Renate Pohl (Lights), the play features the acting and backstage work of the students of the Grenfell Theatre department. 

Dates: November 1- 4 at 8PM.

Location: Grenfell Theatre, Fine Arts Building.

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