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Mumtaz Cheema

Mumtaz Cheema B.Sc. (Hons.), M.Sc., Ph.D. (University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan), Postdoc (Iowa State University, Ames, US); associate professor, boreal ecosystems and agricultural sciences

Phone: (709) 639-6533


Office: AS240

Associate professor – Boreal Ecosystems and Agricultural Sciences



Dr. Cheema is an Associate Professor of Agronomy at Grenfell Campus Memorial University of Newfoundland, member of Sustainable Resource Management program and the Boreal Ecosystem Research Initiative (BERI). The focus of his research program is to develop productive and sustainable cropping systems to cope the challenges of global food security. In recent years, he has studied integrated nutrient management practices that conserve or enhance soil fertility through efficient nutrient cycling and management strategies to maximize nutrient use efficiency and maintain economically sustainable crop productivity with minimize damage to the environment. Abiotic stresses (cold/chilling, drought and salinity) and their management strategies (seed priming and exogenous application of compatible organic solutes) to induce stress tolerance and enhancement of antioxidants in crops. In-situ root monitoring of field crops, identification and quantification of root exudates and their role in nutrients-acquisition, particularly phenomenon of biological nitrification inhibition (BNI) in improving NUE, and supressing greenhouse gases emission; Waste management; Monitoring of greenhouse gases emission in different cropping systems. Impact of climate change on global food security, particularly rising atmospheric CO2 and its impact on crop growth, yield and produce quality. Dr. Cheema has supervised 36 Master, and 6 PhD theses, and co-supervised 10 Master and 5 PhD theses. Prior to joining the Grenfell Campus Memorial University in 2013, Dr. Cheema worked as Lecturer, Assistant Prof. Associate and Professor in the department of agronomy, and Director Graduate Studies at University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan.


Current Research and Projects

  • Biomass production and phosphorus acquisition from dairy manure in corn silage genotypes
  • Monitoring of greenhouse gases emission in different cropping systems of Newfoundland
  • In-situ root morphology of corn-silage genotypes
  • Determining the role of secondary metabolites (rhizosphere) in biomass production, plant uptake, enhancing NUE, and as allelochemical
  • Understanding soil fertility under land-use change scenarios
  • High value added agricultural production through on-farm, integrated, re-use of nutrients from dairy liquid waste streams

Recent Publications

  1. Khan, S, H. Rehman, M. A. Wahid, M. F. Saleem, M. A. Cheema, S. M. A. Basra, and M. Nadeem. Boron fertilization improves seed yield and harvest index of Camelina (Camelina sativa L.) by affecting source-sink. (In Press) Journal of Plant Nutrition
  2. Messiga A. J, M. Sharifi, K. McVicar, M. A. Cheema, A. Hammemeister. 2016. Mussel's post-harvest washing sediments consistency over time, and contribution to plant growth and nutrient uptake. Journal of Cleaner Production. 113:216-223
  3. Sanaullah, M. A. Cheema, M. A. Wahid, A. Ghaffar, A. Sattar, and S. Abbas. 2014. Yield response of autumn planted sunflower hybrids to zinc sulfate application. J. Agric. Res. 52(4):523-533
  4. Wahid. M. A, M. A. Cheema, M. F. Saleem, M. Nadeem, A. Sattar and M. Zaman. 2014. Canola growth and phosphorus amendments. I. yield and quality response of canola to different phosphorus amendments. Pak. Agri. Sci. 51(4):847-854
  5. Ahmad, F.,M. A. Maqsood, T. Aziz and M. A. Cheema. 2014. Water soluble iron (Fe) concentration in alkaline and calcareous soils influenced by various Fe sources. Pak. Agri. Sci. 51(2):417-421
  6. Babar, H. B, M. A. Cheema, M. F. Saleem and A. Wahid. 2014. Screening of maize hybrids for enhancing emergence and growth parameters at different soil moisture regimes. Soil Environ. 33(1): 51-58
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  8. Sharifi, M, M. A. Cheema, Kristie Mahoney, Lise LeBlanc and Sherry Fillmore.2013. Evaluation of liming properties and potassium bioavailability of three Atlantic Canada wood ash sources. Canadian Journal of Plant Science 93:1209-1216
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  15. Afzal. I., S. M. A. Basra, N. Ahmad, M.A. Cheema, M. A. Haq and M. A. Kazmi. 2011. Enhancement of antioxidant defense system induced by hormonal priming in wheat. Cereal Res. Communications 39(3):334-342

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