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Bachelor of nursing

Complete course descriptions can be found in the Grenfell Campus section of the Calendar. The University Calendar is the authority for all course information.

In accordance with Senate's Policy Regarding Inactive Courses, course descriptions for courses which have not been offered in the previous three academic years and which are not scheduled to be offered in the current academic year have been removed from the following listing. For information about any of these inactive courses, please contact the Dean of the School.

1002 Anatomy and Physiology I

1003 Developing Therapeutic Relationships

1004 Introduction to Nursing  

1012 Anatomy and Physiology II

1014 Health Assessment

1015 Health Promotion throughout the Lifespan

1016 Healthy Aging

1017 Fundamental Psychomotor Competencies

1520 Extended Practice I

2002 Nursing Concepts for the Care of Women and the Child-bearing Family

2003 Pathophysiology

2004 Pharmacology and Nutritional Therapies

2014 Community Health Nursing Theory

2017 Intermediate Psychomotor Competencies

2040 Health Assessment

2230 Teaching/Learning

2502 Nursing Practice for the Care of Women and the Child-bearing Family  

2514 Community Health Nursing Practice I

2520 Extended Practice II

2700 Nursing Theories in Practice

2740 Current Concepts in Human Physiology

2990 Spiritual Dimension of Nursing Practice

2991 Complementary and Alternative Health Care

3001 Nursing Concepts for Mental Health

3012 Nursing Concepts for Children, Adolescents and Young Adults

3014 Nursing Concepts in Middle and Older Adulthood

3023 Counselling

3070 Health Assessment Across the Lifespan

3104 Nursing Research

3113 Nursing Leadership and Management

3200 Transcultural Nursing

3380 Health Assessment Clinical Practice I

3410 Roles of Nurse Practitioners in Primary Health Care

3430 Concepts in Pharmacology Across the Lifespan

3501 Nursing Practice for Mental Health

3512 Nursing Practice with Children, Adolescents and Young Adults

3513 Nursing Practice with Children, Adolescents and Young Adults

3514 Nursing Practice with Middle and Older Adults

3523 Extended Practice III

4002 Introduction to Nursing and Health Research

4010 Community Health Nursing I

4100 Advanced Concepts and Skills

4101 Community Health Nursing

4103 Issues in Nursing and Health Care

4310 Community Health Nursing II  

4370 Health Assessment Clinical Practice II

4501 Community Health Nursing Practice II

4502 Nursing Care in Community and Mental Health Settings

4512 Community Health Practicum

4516 Consolidated Practicum

4701 Current Concepts in Pathophysiology

4702 Current Concepts in Pharmacology and Nutrition

4754 Clinical Dimensions of Professional Nursing Practice

5210 Health Care Systems

5220 Professional Issues

5327 Interdisciplinary Course on Family Violence

5360 Advanced Clinical Decision Making – Clinical Practice

5370 Integrated Clinical Practicum

5600 Advanced Clinical Decision Making

5700 Nursing Management

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