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Nursing Society

Bachelor of nursing

All students are encouraged to join the nursing society.

The objectives of the Nursing Society include:

• unify the nursing student body.

• liaise between nursing students, faculty, and other organizations (e.g. Canadian Nursing Students   Association, a national student body).

• provide of a medium through which students can express their opinions

• contribute to student socialization.

The Nursing Society is also a way for you to enjoy your years as nursing students by attending extra-curricular activities sponsored by the society (for example, socials, conferences, fund-raising activities and community initiatives).

Each student has the opportunity to become a member of the Nursing Society. Meeting times are posted outside the Nursing Society office/lounge located on the third floor of the Nursing School. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.



Nursing Society membership 2017-2018:

  • President elect: Jamie Green
  • Vice-president: Gabrielle Deveau
  • Secretary: Alyssa Gosbee
  • Treasurer: Daniel Luna
  • Promotions coordinator: Emily Mews
  • 1st year rep: Emily Hutchings
  • 2nd year rep: Haley Williamson
  • 3rd year rep: Whitney Shortall
  • Fast track rep: Beverly Wheeler
  • GCSU rep: Jenna Redding


Nursing Society membership 2016-2017:

Rebecca Aucoin, BN3 - President

Aimee Russell, BN3 - Vice President

Janella Bowers, BN3 - Secretary

Daniel Luna, BN1 - Treasurer

Rachel Valenti, BN2 - Promotions Coordinator

Class Representatives:

BN1 - Jenna Redding

BN2 - Jamie Green

BN3 - Laura Allen

Fast Track- Shantel Jones

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