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 Constitution of Academic Council

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1.0       Interpretation
1.1  In this document
        (a)  “Grenfell” refers to the Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of
        (b)  “Constitution” refers to the Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of
               Newfoundland Constitution; and,
        (c)  “Council” refers to the Grenfell Campus Academic Council.
2.0       Function of the Council

2.1  The function of the Grenfell Academic Council is to approve, for recommendation to the Senate, all regulations, courses and programmes of study at Grenfell and to discuss and make recommendations on any other matter affecting the academic life and academic development of Grenfell.
3.0       Membership of the Council

3.1  Voting membership in the Council shall be accorded to:

        (a)  the President, the Vice-President (Academic) and Provost, the Dean of Graduate Studies, the Vice-President (Grenfell Campus), all Associate Vice-Presidents (Grenfell Campus), Associate University Librarian (Grenfell Campus) and the University Registrar and the Grenfell Registrar, or their delegates;
        (b)  all persons holding academic appointments at Grenfell;

(c)  2 representatives may be elected from amongst those persons teaching at least
       one semester course or directly supervising a graduate student at Grenfell and  
       not included in (b);
        (d)  Up to 4 representatives may be elected from amongst Lab Instructors and Instructional Assistants;

(e)  7 elected student delegates distributed proportionately between the
      undergraduate and graduate students; and,
        (f)  others whom the Council may decide to admit.
3.2  The Chair may accord individuals Observer status on the recommendation of 
       Council.  Observers have neither voice nor vote, but may speak by leave of Council.
4.0       Meetings

4.1  Regular meetings of the Council shall take place as stated in the
4.2  Special meetings of the Council may be called by the Vice-President (Grenfell
       Campus) or upon the petition of at least 10 members of the Council.

4.3  The quorum for Council shall be as defined as thirty-five members.

5.0       Officers

5.1  Officers of the Council shall consist of the Vice-President (Grenfell Campus) as
       Chair, an elected Vice-Chair, and an elected Secretary.
5.2  Procedure for election shall be set forth in the By-Laws.
6.0       By-Laws

6.1  By-Laws may be drawn up and amended by a two-thirds majority of those present
       and voting at a meeting of the Council, providing that the proposed By-Law or   
       amendment has been submitted in writing and circulated to all members of the
       Council not less than fourteen days prior to the meeting.
7.0       Committees of Council

7.1  The Council shall have the power to establish Standing and Ad Hoc Committees and
to delegate to those Committees such of its functions the Council deems appropriate. The membership and Chair of Ad Hoc Committees shall be elected by the Council for a period the Council deems appropriate.

7.2  The Terms of Reference and Composition of Standing Committees of the Council
shall be set forth in the By-Laws.
8.0       Changes in the Constitution

8.1  Notice of motion must be given at a regular meeting of the Council for consideration
at the next regular meeting.  Related documents including the text of the proposed changes must be circulated to all members of the Council not less than 21 days in advance of the meeting called to consider alterations in the Constitution.  Adoption of the motion will require a two-thirds majority of those present and voting at the meeting.  Changes in the Constitution require approval by the Senate and by the Board of Regents before they take effect.

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