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About Grenfell Campus Art Gallery

Grenfell Campus Art Gallery was established in 1988 in conjunction with the School of Fine Arts.
The Gallery is committed to providing a stimulating educational forum through diverse programming in the visual arts. This is primarily intended to address the needs of the students and faculty in the Visual Arts Program. The Gallery also serves Grenfell Campus faculty, staff and students, local public schools and Western Newfoundland.
The Gallery’s commitment to its role as an interpretive educational gallery is met through research, interpretation and exhibition of contemporary and historical art relevant to regional, national and international interests. We also maintain an active program of collections and conservation of art.   

Physical Description of the Gallery

The Gallery has 173.5 running feet of permanent space with a 10 foot clearance from floor to ceiling. This includes a 15 x 13.5 foot media room. In addition, we have 160 running feet of temporary walls covered in medium grey commando cloth.
The gallery is equipped with a NAF-Sill fire protection system and is climate controlled at 20 degrees Celsius and 50% relative humidity.
In addition to Campus Enforcement security checks every two hours, the gallery is protected by a Honeywell Intelliguard 9000 security system.



The Gallery is located on the second floor of the Fine Arts Building, Grenfell Campus. Short-term parking is available in front of the gallery. Drop by the office for your parking card. The Gallery is wheelchair accessible. Admission is free.
Group tours are welcomed and arranged by request.
Gallery hours:
Tuesday to Friday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturday, 12 to 4 p.m.
Admission is free.


Grenfell Campus Art Gallery
Fine Arts Building, University Drive
Corner Brook, NL A2H 6P9
Acting Gallery Director:
Charlotte Jones
Phone: 709.637.6209; 709.637.6200 ext.6379
Fax: 709.637.6203
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