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Classics at Grenfell 

Classics is the study of the ancient cultures of Greece and Rome. Classics courses at Grenfell Campus are divided into three groups: cultural, historical, and language courses.
Cultural courses comprise many disciplines. There are specific courses on Greek and Roman Civilization, Greek and Roman Literature (Epic and Tragedy, in translation), Greek and Roman Mythology (cross-listed with Folklore), and the Ancient World in Film. Other courses cover the rich and varied cultural achievements of Greece and Rome. Classical themes, explicit and implicit, permeate Western literary and artistic traditions; therefore, cultural courses are particularly relevant to students majoring in either English or Visual Arts.

Historical courses include surveys of Classical Greece, Rome, and the Hellenistic World, as well as a specialized look at one of history's most significant and enigmatic figures, Alexander the Great. (All history courses are cross-listed with Historical Studies.)
Language courses enable students to learn Latin and ancient Greek. Since these languages form the basis of most of the modern Western languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish), the study of Latin or Greek provides an excellent foundation for greater comprehension of the modern languages. Latin and Greek will also help students in the sciences with the basic roots of scientific terminology and students interested in pursuing a career in law.

Former students comment on the Value of the Classics Minor at Grenfell:

Kelsey Collier (2009-2012)
"When I started University at Grenfell, I jumped at the opportunity to take courses in Classics. Each course I took only further fueled my curiosity; and before I knew it, my interests had brought me to near completion of my minor. Of all the courses I have taken, Classics has been the more stimulating; and the Grenfell campus is an excellent environment. The small campus allows you to get to know your classmates and Dr. King is an excellent professor. I would recommend anyone to study classics at Grenfell no matter their field; for Classics easily becomes a foundation of knowledge and further learning. My study in Classics has even helped in my decision to become a structural engineer; with hopes of eventually being able to work on the Acropolis in Athens. In fact, my first book on Architecture was a Classical one."

Amanda Andrews (2009- 2012)
“I had no idea what direction to take my studies when the time came for me to attend Grenfell University.  I did a mixture of different courses my first year but in my second semester I chose to take the Greek and Roman Mythology course. I fell in love. I decided to take more classics courses which turned into a minor in Classics, a major, a double major in Classics and English, which finally steered me into an Honours program in Classics at the St. Johns Campus. However, as I continued with both English and Classic courses I began to realize that with my knowledge in Classics, my overall understanding of English literature, poetry and writing strongly improved. Learning ancient Greek improved my grammar and writing style. Reading Greek and Roman poetry helped me grow as a poet and inspire new ideas rooted in the old. Even Shakespeare makes more sense reinforced with a background in classical studies!”
Stephen Collins (2009-2011)
"While taking a Classics minor at the Grenfell Campus, I benefited from small class sizes and even one-on-one instruction. I was able to choose from a variety of courses from history, mythology, and languages to literature, film, and culture. The program stimulated my love for Greco-Roman culture so much that I chose to pursue an Honours degree in Classics at the St. John's campus of Memorial University, where the personalized instruction I received at the Grenfell Campus has enabled me to excel. I am currently working as the department's Latin tutor and am preparing for my undergraduate thesis on Augustan propaganda and society."
Danielle Butler (2009-2011)
"This is Danielle Butler, from across the sea in Scotland! I have been very busy with Law school, and you will be happy to know that law here in Scotland ties in well with Roman history and Latin. Our terminology in law school is littered with Latin words. My friends are having a hard time with correctly spelling and remembering the numerous Latin words, but I am having an easier time with it, thanks to Dr. King. There is also a civil law course offered which some of my fellow pupils are taking and from what I hear it is ALL Roman History. And I discovered there is a statue of Alexander the Great and his horse, Bucephalus, in the city centre of the Old Town, the best part of Edinburgh in my opinion. Of course, thanks to Dr. King’s courses I identified the statue right away."

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