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 First Year Students

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First Year Students 
Students in their first year can take two courses which offer surveys of the rich cultural legacies of ancient Greece and Rome:

CLAS 1100 Introduction to Greek Civilization
CLAS 1200 Introduction to Roman Civilzation

These illustrated courses cover Greek and Roman art and architecture, literature, social and political systems and religion, among other topics. These two are the first of almost twenty classics courses available at Grenfell. This means that students wishing to further their exploration of classics here at the Campus can take several routes:
  1. Students may continue to take classics courses as electives. 

  2. Students may take classics courses as part of a Minor in Classics. For more information about the Classics Minor, click here. 

  3. Students may continue to take classics as part of a B.A. degree programme in Classics. This degree is offered on the St. John's campus of Memorial University and at many other universities on the mainland. Many of the basic classics courses required for this degree can be taken here at Grenfell, but to complete the Major in Classics, students will have to transfer to St. John's or another university. For information on the Department of Classics in St. John's, click here.
Since classics courses deal with so many different aspects of human society over two cultures, students who have studied classics have a good grasp of comparative literature, religion, art and architecture, and many other topics. Moreover, since the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome have formed the basis for much of our modern, western society and culture, classics courses will help prepare students for further studies in almost any area of education.

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