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English 4105 - Literary Approaches and Theory



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Stowe, Carla

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English 4105 - Literary Approaches and Theory 
Resources - Fall 2006
Instructor: Dr. Marc Thackray         
English 4105 is a survey of critical approaches to English Literature, particularly those adopted by 20th Century readers.   The Resources below should aid students in their research.
Some Introductions to Literary Theory
Ferdinand Saussure
Victor Shklovsky
M.M. Bakhtin
Theodor Adorno
Roland Barthes
Northrop Frye
Norman Holland
Stanley Fish
Jacques Derrida
Michel Foucault
Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari
David Lodge
Julia Kristeva
Fredric Jameson
Harold Bloom
Helene Cixous
Judith Butler
Eve Kosofsky Sedgewick
David Halperin
E. K. Sparks' Engl 436/636: Feminist Literary Criticism--Core List of Feminist Texts (Clemson)

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