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 Additional Studies


Further Studies in French at Memorial

Students interested in pursuing a Major in French should consult the homepage of Memorial's Department of French and Spanish in St. John's for information on course selection. It is currently possible for a student to complete her or his first two years of study at Grenfell before transferring to St. John's. Have a look at the requirements for a Major in French (including an Honors program) at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Studying in St. Pierre

For more information: Contact Professor Matthew Janes (

The Department of French and Spanish also offers a semester of study at the Francoforum in St. Pierre and Miquelon every fall and winter semester. Students who perform strongly in French 1502 are encouraged to apply. The immersion experience in a francophone culture goes a long way in the language acquisition process. Students obtain credit for French 2100, 2101, 2300, 2900, and 2601 while studying in St. Pierre, while also being taught completely in French. Grenfell students interested in applying are invited to write an admission test early in November or March. French 1502 is a prerequisite for admission, and the minimum mark is 70%. The webpage dedicated to this program, put together by the directrice, Chantal Jordaan, is viewable online at

Canadian Third Year in Nice Program

Memorial is currently part of a consortium of Canadian universities that participate in a third year in Nice program. Students interested in completing their third year (whether chronologically their third year or credit-wise their third year) are invited to apply. Accepted students spend an academic year at a university in Nice (October-June) and take French courses with a Canadian university professor ( chosen from among the consortium) in French, and take their electives at the university in Nice for transfer to Memorial. More information is available at

Language Bursaries

The Canadian federal government provides language bursaries for Canadian students to learn their second language. Students can apply to study at a number of locations either in the spring of the year (May-June) or the summer (July-August) and, generally, earn university credit. Consult the web page of "jexplore" at for information on the various programs and locations.


The Student Guide in France Program

Interested in working as an interpretive guide at the Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Memorial or at the Canadian National Vimy Memorial? Have a look at for more information on the program. To apply, you must have experience as an historic sites/museum guide, be fluent in French, and have been a full-time student in the semester preceding your period of employment (which can be either Jan-April, May-August, or September-December) and be returning to full-time studies following your work term. For further information, contact Matthew Janes, who is a former participant in the program himself.

Young Canada Works/Parks Canada Agency

Interested in working as a guide with Parks Canada at Gros Morne? L'Anse aux Meadows? Signal Hill? Terra Nova? Have a look at the Young Canada Works webpage with Parks Canada at for information.

Lecteurs and Lectrices in France

The French government and Canadian governments have an agreement whereby Canadian students can work in France as "lecteurs" or "lectrices" for an academic year, or as "assistants" or "assistantes." As part of their work, Canadian students give language classes in English while taking courses from the institution at which they work toward their own degree program. Have a look at for more information.


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