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 Awards and Medals

University Medal for Academic Excellence

University Medal for Academic Excellence

A University Medal for Academic Excellence may be awarded in the graduating year to a candidate for the Bachelor's degree in Historical Studies who has been recommended by the faculty.

Latest Winner:

John Conor Curtis (2015)

Conor's HIST 4950 paper dealt with environmental activism which developed in the Niagara Region of the United States and Canada during third quarter of the Twentieth Century. The title of his project was "Similarities and Differences: Activism at Griffon Manor and Love Canal in Relation to the Environmental Movement of the 1960s and '70s."









Past recipients:

  • Rebecca McCarthy (2014)
  • Tim Clarke (2011)
  • Carolynne Gabriel (2010)
  • Mary Secord-Kaeser (2009)
  • Michael Jones (2006)
  • Mark Osmond (2005)
  • Jennifer Donovan (2004)
  • Cara Finn (2003)
  • Johnathan Pope (2001)
  • Neil White (2000)

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The Joanne Swan Greenlee Prize in Historical Studies

This prize valued at $500 is awarded annually in memory of Joanne (Swan) Greenlee who, for two decades, delighted in the hearty appetites and lively conversation of Grenfell students who gathered to discuss history at her home. It is normally awarded to a full-time senior student, at Grenfell Campus, majoring in Historical Studies who displays outstanding cumulative merit in four History courses during the academic year. This prize is awarded by the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies on the recommendation of the Chair of Historical Studies.

Latest Winner:

  • Thomas Young (2015)

    Past recipients:
  • Rebecca McCarthy (2014)
  • Rebecca McCarthy (2013)
  • Charlene Curl (2012)
  • Tim Clarke (2011)
  • Carolynne Gabriel (2009)
  • Dan Monafu (2008)
  • Sean Burton (2007)
  • Karen Humber (2006)
  • Michael Jones (2005)
  • Cassie Buckle (2004)

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The Palliser Prize in History

This prize is in honour of Captain Hugh Palliser, RN, Governor and Commander-In-Chief at Newfoundland from 1764 until 1768; in 1764 he became the first governor to visit western Newfoundland. It is awarded annually to a full-time student beyond first year who has earned no more than 90 credit hours and has earned the highest cumulative average in at least five History courses. This student would normally be studying towards a degree or minor in Historical Studies. The prize is valued at $250.00 and will be awarded by the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards on the recommendation of the Scholarship Committee at Grenfell Campus and the members of the Historical Studies program. In the event that no student qualifies in any given year the award will not be given.

Latest Winner:

  • Meaghan Bush (2015)

    Past recipients:

  • Thomas Young (2014)
  • John C. Curtis (2013)
  • Rebecca McCarthy (2012)
  • Caleb Huntington (2011)
  • Charlene Curl (2010)
  • Brad Evoy (2009)
  • Carolynne Gabriel (2008)
  • David Robinson (2007)
  • Ruben Van Gelder (2006)
  • Sean Burton (2005)

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Historical Studies Merit Award

This book prize is awarded to a student who has made an outstanding contribution to the life of the Historical Studies Programme at Grenfell Campus. The faculty of that programme will fund the prize. It is awarded by the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards on the recommendation of the Historical Studies Faculty.

Latest Winner:

  • Josh Tavenor (2009)

Past recipients:

  • Dan Monafu (2008)
  • Sherry Boone (2007)

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Pro Vice-Chancellor's Prize

This award is given to the best undergraduate course paper written at Memorial University as adjudicated by a selection committee. It is assessed on the basis of "intellectual originality, cogency, facility of expression, and adherence to principles of scientific inquiry and critical thinking."

  • Adam Baker (2006)
    A Historical Studies minor (and English major), Adam was awarded the Pro Vice-Chancellor's Prize for Undergraduate Scholarship for a paper which he completed in HIST 3770, Women in Western Society and Culture II, "To Decline to be the Other: The Historical Position and Intellectual Legacy of Simone de Beauvoir." Adam subsequently went on to the University of New Brunswick where he earned a law degree.

  • Marc Osmond (2005)
    Marc won this award for "Revising Newton: A Twentieth-Century Historiographical Debate," his HIST 4950 Independent Project.
    He also received the University Medal for Academic Excellence in Historical Studies.

Millennium Excellence Award

The millennium excellence awards seek to recognize the leaders of today and tomorrow and emphasize the importance of supporting their contributions to our country's future. Millennium excellence awards are not prizes for benchmarks achieved - they are investments in the development of exceptional individuals who will have long, productive careers and whose accomplishments will benefit Canada as a whole.

  • Dan Monafu (2007)
    A Historical Studies major, Dan was also Vice-President Academic for the Grenfell Campus Student Union and president of the Student Historical Society.

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