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Books (ed.)

Outrageous Seas: Shipwreck and Other Narratives from Newfoundland Waters, 1583-1896. Montreal; Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, 1999. Published for Carleton University Press.

What Reviewers Have Said



Contributions to Edited Books

Nineteenth Century Medical and Anthropological Views of the Labrador Inuit,” in “Very Rough Country”: Proceedings of the Labrador Explorations Symposium.  Ed. Martha MacDonald. St. John’s: The Labrador Institute, 2010.  228- 250.

“Diplomacy, Legal Issues, and Foreign Fishing in Newfoundland, 1814- 30: Revisiting the 1815 Treaty of Paris and the 1818 Convention,” Essays in the History of Canadian Law, Vol. 10, a Festschrift in Memory of Peter N. Oliver.  Eds. Jim Phillips, R. Roy McMurtry, and John T. Saywell. Toronto: University of Toronto Press and Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History, 2008.

"Trying the Rebels:  Emergency Legislation and the Colonial Executive's Overall Legal Strategy in the Upper Canadian Rebellion," in Canadian State Trials, vol. 2.  Eds.  Murray Greenwood and Barry Wright.   Toronto: Law Society of Upper Canada and University of Toronto Press, 2002. 41-61.

"Imperial Authority, Colonial Officialdom in Upper Canada, and the Question of Social Order, 1828-1841," in Law, State, and Society: Essays in Modern Legal History. Eds. Susan Binnie and Louis Knafla. Toronto: Law Society of Upper Canada and University of Toronto Press, 1995. 181-214.

"Convicts as Workers and Prisons as Factory in Mid-Victorian Canada: A study of the Saint John, N.B. Penitentiary." Essays in the History of Canadian Law, vol. 5 : Crime and Criminal Justice in Canadian History. Eds. S. Lewthwaite, T. Loo, and J. Phillips. Toronto: The Osgoode Society, 1994. 439-477.

"From Bridewell to Federal Penitentiary: Prisons and Punishment in Nova Scotia before 1880." Essays in the History of Canadian Law, Volume 3: The Nova Scotia Experience. Eds. Phillip Girard and Jim Phillips. Toronto: The Osgoode Society, 1990. 163-199.

"Paupers and Poor Relief in Upper Canada." Historical Essays on Upper Canada: New Perspectives. Ed. Bruce Wilson and J.K. Johnson. Ottawa: Carleton University Press, 1989. 305-340.

Scholarly Articles/Reports

 Whose Pine-Clad Hills: Forest Rights and Access in Newfoundland and Labrador's History, Newfoundland Quarterly 103, no. 4 (2011): 42-47.

(co-author), "Sustainability in the Humber River Basin", International Journal of  Global Warming 3 No.1/2 (2011): 3 - 29.

“Early Anthropological Discourse on the Inuit and the Influence of Virchow on Boas,” Etudes Inuit Studies 38, 2 (2008): 13-34. Special issue.

"The Medical Profession of Upper Canada Reconsidered: Politics, Medical Reform and Law in a Colonial Society. Canadian Bulletin of Medical History /BCHM 12:1995: 101-24.

The Prison in Atlantic Canada Before 1880. Programs Branch User Report, No. 1985-25, (Ottawa: Canada. Solicitor General, 1985). pp. 76

Le systeme carceral dans les provinces de l'Atlantique avant 1880. (Ottawa: Canada. Solliciteur general, Canada, 1985). pp. 76.

"Pauper Emigration to Upper Canada in the 1830s." Histoire sociale-Social History 14.2 (1981): 349-367.

"Paupers and Poor Relief in Upper Canada." Historical Papers (1981): 57-80.

Victorian Psychiatry and Canadian Motherhood.” Canadian Women's Studies 2 (1980): 44- 46.

"Origins of the Penitentiary System in Upper Canada." Ontario History 79.3 (1977): 185-207.

Review Articles

(co-contributor) "Roundtable: Reviews of Joan Druett, She Captains: Heroines and Hellions of the Sea with a Response by Joan Druett."  International Journal of Maritime History (2001): 181-84.

"CIHM's Medicine and Health to 1900: Eclectic Sources in the Social History of Medicine."  Facsimile: Medicine and Health to 1900 (No. 21, May 1999): 6-10.

"New Directions in European-American Migration." The Northern Mariner\Le Marin du Nord. 4.3 (1994): 51-62.

"The State in Canadian History." Acadiensis. 24. 1(1994): 119-134.

Book Reviews

I have published numerous reviews in journals such as Canadian Historical Review, Labour-le travail; Newfoundland and labrador Studies; Atlantis; Canadian Women's Studies; and The Northern Mariner.


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