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 Grenfell Campus Humanities Conference: The Mind

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ANNOUNCING: The First Annual Humanities Weekend

Grenfell Campus Humanities Conference: Mind

Conference Schedule (PDF, 81kb)

New Program Description

Fight tyranny. Study Humanities

We are presenting a vital opportunity for students at Grenfell to gain skills in analysis and writing by studying, imitating and criticizing the most influential authors and texts in the western tradition and beyond.

The key to the Humanities is a holistic approach to knowledge, an openness to understanding a variety of intellectual, social and cultural discourses. Humanities students graduate with skills prized by corporations and in sectors, such as information technology, finance, natural resources, utilities, and manufacturing. Humanists work in government at all levels, and in fields such as medicine, law, and journalism. Humanities students have a wide outlook and the versatility required to adapt to a rapidly shifting workplace. They are visionaries and seekers who see beyond the commonplace and status quo. They have skills in writing, analyzing and evaluating, they have ethical insight and leadership potential.

The Humanist, however, sees the workplace as part of a broader society. The Humanities Program has as its central goal the encouragement of constructive citizenship. We want to develop in our students the capacity to understand the political and cultural worlds they inhabit, to appreciate the values of freedom and equality, and to resist forces that threaten these values. Our fundamental faith is that education is the key to citizenship and human flourishing, the fundamental bulwark against oppression.


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