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Fee Amount $ Where to Pay
Course Tuition ~255.00/per course Online or Registrar’s Office (St. John's or Grenfell Campus)
Damage Deposit 100.00/per course Fiona Cuthbert, SN 1100, Biology Department, MUN, St. John’s, A1B 3X9
Accommodations 180.00/per course Bonne Bay Marine Station (Cash, Credit, Cheque)
Meals 180.00/per course Bonne Bay Marine Station (Cash, Credit, Cheque)
Lab Bench Fee 50.00/per course Bonne Bay Marine Station (Cash, Credit, Cheque)

Other charges

  • Photocopy charges - $0.10/page (minimum $10.00) (optional)
  • Field Notebooks – approx. $13.50 (tax included)
  • Labrador/St Anthony field trips $100 (B4014, B4912, B3709 Fall)
  • Pleasure Craft Operators Certificate (optional)

Course Tuition

  • Tuition fees are paid through the Registrars Office in St. John's & Grenfell or via your online account.

Damage Deposit

  • A reservation and security deposit for each course is required at the time of registration 
  • Damage Deposits are still required from students who do not stay in residence
  • Deliver or mail to Fiona Cuthbert (SN 1100, Biology Department, Memorial University, St. John's, NL A1B 3X9) – cheque, cash or money order - payable to Bonne Bay Marine Station
  • Deposits will be refunded at the end of the semester providing:
    1. You do not drop B3709 after Friday April 18 at 5pm
    2. You do not drop B4710, B3714, B4012, B4912 after May 2 at 5pm
    3. No damage to equipment and or accommodations has occurred
  • Damage Deposit refunds are processed in September. You can expect your refund via university cheque in November.

mailing address:

Bonne Bay Marine Station
PO Box 69
Norris Point, NL
A0K 3V0

email addresses:

Dr. Robert Scott, Director

Allison Eaton, Manager

Marine Education Interpretive Staff

Front Desk (May-Sept.): (709) 458-2874