• Ideas to revitalize the city's waterfront

    Thursday, November 30, 2017
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    Melanie Callahan

    Students in Grenfell's CityStudio recently presented their pitches to improve the city's waterfront area to representatives of the City of Corner Brook staff and council.


    The semester's work ended with a final presentation of waterfront realization ideas. The proposals were co-created and designed by students and city staff with guidance of Dr. Roza Tchoukaleyska. The goal of CityStudio is to find innovative solutions to complex problems while giving students tangible skills working on real projects and this first course has created synergies for future collaborations, she said.


    Classes were held at Grenfell and city hall, and members of the city staff and council were constant consultants throughout the process.


    Four groups have been working throughout the semester to develop real ideas that fits within the needs of municipal plan and priorities.


    This is a second iteration of CityStudio; the course is scheduled to be offered again in fall semester on 2018. The theme will be determined through identifying the city's planning priorities.


    "Students were creative, passionate, and enthusiastic in their approach to the course theme, as were the ideas they presented for waterfront redevelopment," said Dr. Tchoukaleyska. "Their proposals considered both the priorities of the city and the needs of the residents and visitors. Throughout the term, they have come to understand the processes, challenges and opportunities of municipal planning."


    "I commend the entire City Studio class, members of Grenfell's Office of Engagement and instructors for taking a hands on approach to real issues," said Mayor Jim Parsons. "Working collaboratively with staff has been mutually beneficial and we would like to see this partnership continue. The ideas presented were thoughtful, innovative and will be considered in upcoming meetings of council."


    The Proposals:

    Griffin Drive Revitalization project

    This proposal is for the creation of raised garden plots and a community gathering area in a current carpark area on Griffin Drive. Some features being considered are the inclusion of benches, decorative art, improved lighting, and a greenhouse and toolshed. The goal is to not only to bring a community- focused project but to revitalize this area making it more beautiful and welcome to locals and tourists alike.


    The Hub

    The Hub proposal calls for the refurbishment of an old building in the waterfront area into a building with various functions including a community room available for use by community groups, and  a Grenfell room that would provide an opportunity for students to integrate themselves into the community.


    Waterfront recreation hub

    The three-phased proposal includes the development of a waterfront  board walk, multi-use recreation area that doubles as a basketball court in the summer and an ice rink in the winter, and the expansion of the board walk to the R.A. Pollett building.


    Captain's Cook trail

    This proposal calls for the expansion of the trail network that would run from Curling area to Broadway, and include Captain James Cook monument area. The trail, which will utilize an adopt-a- trail model of funding, will be used year- round by hikers, bicyclists and snow-shoe users.

    Caption: Sebastian Benavides-Vargas, Olivia Bennett and Anderson Traverse chat with Mayor Jim Parsons following their presentation.

    The entire City Studio class, members of Grenfell’s Office of Engagement and members of city staff and council.

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