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SpaceUp NL

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Looking to head off-planet? SpaceUp NL, Newfoundland and Labrador's first ever unconference about space, including artists, scientists, and general space enthusiasts.


This series of events will take place Jan. 28- Feb. 2 at various locations. There'll be a visual art exhibit at the Rotary Arts Centre, a Space Debate, public talks about HAM radios and "Moon bounce" and more! For more information, contact  


The SpaceUp Foundation is a non-profit public benefit organization incorporated in California. The foundation provides tools, funding and organizational support to SpaceUp unconference events around the world in order to foster collaboration, outreach and project-based learning between space professionals, advocates, students, educators and scientists.


SpaceUp Newfoundland Events     Jan 23-Feb 3, 2018

All events are free and open to the general public


RumbleSat Art from the Edge of Space Exhibit

Location:  Rotary Arts Centre, Open Gallery

Date:  Tuesday January 23 – Saturday Feb 3, 2018

Time:  Open daily for viewing during business hours

Event Description:

In 2017, the UpRoute Space Program, lead by Dr. Jim Parker, Rich Théroux and Lorene Shyba, launched over a hundred art pieces by Canadian artists to the Edge of Space via the RumbleSat 1a (RS1a) and RumbleSat 2a (RS2a) space missions. The artworks made their ascent by balloons to the "edge of space" zone, 35 km above the earth's surface. Launch partners included the Canadian Space Agency, AUSTRAL 2017, and JP Aerospace's AWAY 123 Pongsat. After returning to earth, the artworks crossed Canada on tour; they will be continuing their exhibition around the globe. Don't miss out on seeing these very unique pieces in person during their 2-week stop in Corner Brook at the Rotary Arts Centre's Open Gallery.

Join us on Feb 2nd from 7-9pm for the Closing Reception for this exhibit, including an evening of snacks, cash bar and engaging space talks.


Grenfell Observatory Tour

Location: Meet in Arts and Science Building Atrium, Grenfell Campus

Date: Sunday, January 28, 2018

Time:  3-5pm

Event Description:

SpaceUp Newfoundland week officially kicks off with a public tour of the Grenfell Campus Observatory, lead by Steven Day. Come visit the largest telescope in Eastern Canada, right here in Corner Brook! This fun and informative tour is suitable for all ages.


Seeing the Unseen

Exhibit Location:  Grenfell Campus Fine Arts Drawing Studio, FA222

Talks Location:  Grenfell Campus, Fine Arts, Room FA224

Date:  Monday, January 29, 2018

Exhibit Time:  10am-10pm

Talks Time:  7-8pm

Event Description:

Seeing the Unseen is a collaborative show presenting performative paintings by Charlotte May Hobden and satellite images furnished by Pierre Garigue. Charlotte will present an artist talk discussing the perception of colour; following this, Pierre will talk about satellite images, and how we are able to use technology to expand our senses and see the unseen. 


Let's Talk Space

Location: Arts and Science Building Atrium, Grenfell Campus

Date:  Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Time:  6:30-8pm

Event Description:

What do you call a looney spaceman? An... Astro-NUT! Ha! Learn more about planets, telescopes, stars and constellations through exciting hands-on activities. Join Heather Spicer and Jamie Pennell for a truly 'out of this world' evening that every young, budding astronaut and their families will enjoy! Supported by "Let's Talk Science".


Ham in Space

Location:  Grenfell Campus, Arts and Science Building "Airport Lounge" 3rd Floor Corridor

Date:  Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Time:  6:30-8pm

Event Description:

Amateur Radio Operators (Hams) put their first satellite into orbit in 1961. Today there are 18 functional satellites in space that are used by licensed radio amateurs. Hams also bounce radio signals off the moon to communicate with distant stations. There are always a few licensed hams on board the International Space Stations and when they have time they talk to hams on earth. During this Ham in Space demo with Michael Newton, equipment used to communicate with satellites and the ISS will be on display. You may even be lucky enough to pick up a ham signal from space!


RumbleSat Art from the Edge of Space Closing Reception and Space Talks

Location:  Rotary Arts Centre, Tina Dolter Gallery

Date:  Friday, February 2, 2018

Time:  7-9pm

Event Description:

This closing night reception for the RumbleSat Art from the Edge of Space Exhibition will feature a series of space-themed talks and presentations from the world of art and science. Come for the art exhibition, space refreshments and cash bar – stay for the scintillating space talks, including a space "open mic" T Minus 5 session. The lineup for the evening includes:


Video by Lorene Shyba:  RumbleSat Art in Space Missions

In this short video, Lorene Shyba will provide background to the RumbleSat I Art from the Edge of Space exhibition and familiarize you with the upcoming missions in the UpRoute Space Program:  RumbleSat II Art and Science Combine in Orbit, and RumbleSat III Deep Space Probe. She will also announce the formation of the new art in space Collective. Dr. Lorene Shyba is a book publisher with Durvile Publications in Calgary and a big fan of art in space.


The First Magic Sheet in Space - The RumbleSat Mission Experience

If you could put art into space, what would you choose to send? Theatre designer Renate Pohl discusses the experience of choosing artwork to be included in the RumbleSat Missions and the purpose of putting art into space.


Space Exploration: Past, Present and Future

It has been more than fifty years since humans first ventured into outer space. In this talk, Dr. Svetlana Barkanova will discuss the history of space exploration including the US-USSR space race, the present accomplishments and technological "spin-offs", and the plans for the future such as asteroid mining and space tourism.


Astro Pi:  Coding in Space!

The Astro Pi Project is an annual science and coding competition where student-written code is run on a Raspberry Pi, with a Sense HAT and a camera, on the International Space Station! Join Alberto Núñez Teijeiro for a presentation on this fascinating competition.

Light-Speed Space Debates

Jamie Pennell will host a series of rapid-fire space debates on the hottest space topics around. Participants will have just seconds to express a viewpoint. Do aliens exist? Should humans move to Mars? Put your thinking cap on and join in the fun in these light-speed debates!

T Minus 5

Got a burning space topic, project, or poem that you would love to share? Prepare 5 minutes of a space talk, using 20 slides or less that rotate every 15 seconds (or no slides at all!), and we will include it in the presentation lineup for the evening. The sky's the limit!  


Grenfell Observatory Tour

Location: Meet in Arts and Science Building Atrium, Grenfell Campus

Date: Saturday, February 3, 2018

Time:  1-3pm

Event Description:

The SpaceUp Newfoundland closing event will be a public tour of the Grenfell Campus Observatory, lead by Steven Day. Come visit the largest telescope in Eastern Canada, right here in Corner Brook! This fun and informative tour is suitable for all ages.

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