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First Year

​New to campus?

Use our online campus map to navigate your way around Grenfell Campus.

Getting ready for First Year

Grenfell Campus, Memorial University has a number of resources to help first-year students get settled, including our Guide to First Year.

1. Set up Memorial Self-Service

All first-year students need to set up their Memorial Self-Service account as soon as possible.  Use your student number as your user ID and log in with your temporary PIN (your birth year and your birth day – YYYYDD).

Create a new PIN once you've logged in. You also need to create a security question. Your security question will allow you to access your account if you forget your PIN.

2. Set up your Memorial University Portal account

Setting up your Memorial University Portalaccount also creates your Memorial University email account. Use the "Set Up Account" and "I Am a Student" options to get started. Use your student number and Memorial Self-Service PIN to login.

You will be asked to select an email system (MUNmail is recommended). Read and agree to the terms and chose a new password for your account. Don't forget the MUN login ID given to you.

3. Register for the recommended courses

Using your Memorial Self-Service account, register for your recommended courses. Select "Registration" and view the registration times for your courses.

In late June or early July, you can look up course offerings and create a potential schedule. This prepares you to add courses to your schedule during registration, which begins in mid-July.

4. Complete required math placement tests

Some Grenfell Campus programs require students to complete math placement tests before registering for specific courses. There are two placement tests:

  • Math Placement Test (MPT)
  • Calculus Placement Test (CPT)

Review the Guide to First Year to check if you need to write a placement test.

Mathematics 3208 students in Newfoundland & Labrador can register in April or May to write the CPT in June. Any other students needing to write the MPT or CPT can register in July through Memorial Self-Service.

You can only write the MPT and CPT once.

5. Register for orientation

Don't forget to register for orientation! Attend Grenfell's orientation for first-year students to learn about:

6. Contact an academic advisor

Grenfell offers academic advising services to help you make important decisions about your education at Memorial University. Contact an academic advisor if you have questions or need help with tasks such as course selection.

Getting here

  1. From the Trans Canada Highway, take Exit #5 onto Confederation Drive
  2. Turn left onto West Valley Road and follow to the lights at O'Connell Drive
  3. Turn left onto O'Connell and follow it through Margaret Bowater Park to the intersection at Mt. Bernard Ave. and O'Connell Drive
  4. Turn left at the lights (University Drive) and follow the road up to the University campus. The main entrance is the third right. Or,
  5. 5. Continue up University Drive past the main entrance turn right at the back of the building into the General Parking Area (Lot 4). Follow the road to the Residence Complex (building with red roof) and turn left into the small parking lot of that building. Enter through the main doors to find the front desk office.

Office of Student Recruitment

Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland
20 University Drive, Corner Brook, NL
A2H 5G4, Canada

Phone: (709) 637-6269