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 Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

Academic standing: is an enrolment status normally determined each semester by a regular evaluation procedure. This procedure is used to assess whether or not students are meeting the standards prescribed by the university. *You must be in clear academic standing to be eligible to participate in an exchange opportunity.

Academic unit: refers to a centre, department, division, faculty, program or school, other than an administrative unit.

Challenge for credit: is the request for academic credit in recognition of work experience or knowledge gained elsewhere. Students may challenge for credit in cases where transfer credit cannot be awarded.

Co-requisite course: is a course which may be taken concurrently with, or may be successfully completed prior to, the course for which it is required.

Credit hour: is the measure mused to reflect the relative weight of a given course toward the fulfillment of appropriate degree, diploma, certificate, major, minor or other program requirements. A weight of one credit hour normally means that the course meets for lectures one hour per week for the duration of a semester. Unless otherwise indicated, a course normally has a credit value of three credit hours.

Course reference number (CRN): is a unique identifier assigned to a specific class section. CRNs are used during the registration process to identify the section of a course the student wishes to register for.

Credit-restricted courses: are courses which are closely related to each other, but for which credit can be obtained for only one.

Cross-listed courses: are courses which are listed under two or more academic units and which can be taken for credit from one unit only. Cross-listed courses can be substituted, one for the other, to satisfy program requirements.

Cumulative grade point average (GPA): is a method of expressing a student’s performance over his or her academic career. For each course used in the calculation, the points associated with each letter grade are multiplied by the course credit hour value. The cumulative grade point average is calculated by dividing the total number of points earned by the total number of credit hours attempted.

Equivalent courses: are those which are determined to be equal for credit determination, even though the subject area or course numbers differ. These are normally identified with the phrase same as.

Prerequisite course: is a course which must be successfully completed prior to commencing the course for which it is required.

Registration period: is, in any semester, the period extending from the first day of registration to two weeks following the first day of lectures, as stated in the University Diary.

Semester: is a period of approximately 14 consecutive weeks during which there are at least 12 weeks of lecture. Normally the fall semester commences in early September, and the winter (spring) semester in early January.

Syllabus: is an outline and summary of topics that will be covered in a course and the method of evaluation.

Transcript: is the complete and unabridged report of a student’s academic record.

Transfer credit: is academic credit granted for work completed at an institution other than Memorial University.

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