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Emergency Phone Numbers

Campus Emergencies: 637-2888

Campus Enforcement and Patrol (CEP): 637-6210

RNC: 637-4100

R.C.M.P: 1-800-709-7267

Fire: 634-4333

All Emergencies: 911


Grenfell Campus has installed several outdoor Blue Light Emergency Phones to enhance the safety and security of the campus community.  These phones are easily identified by the white call box with the BLUE strobe light attached.  They are located on frequently travelled routes around campus to create better access to emergency services. 
When the call button is pushed, the blue light is automatically activated and the phone is connected directly to the Campus Enforcement and Patrol Control Room.  Once the phone has been activated the Control Room Officer is immediately aware of the exact location and two-way audio communication is established.  All calls from emergency phones receive the highest priority response.  Campus Enforcement and Patrol (CEP) Officers are immediately dispatched to the scene.  For this reason, it is vital that these phones are used for emergencies only.  People should not use these phones falsely as they can take CEP officers away from a genuine emergency.

Blue Light Emergency Phones are intended to be used in any situation where you may feel threatened or you believe your personal safety is compromised, if you have witnessed an accident, crime in progress, medical emergency, etc. 

Please review the below Grenfell Campus Site Plan, and the corresponding legend which indicates each outdoor Emergency Phones location by a blue circle.


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