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On Campus Winter Safety

Storms: Cancellation Protocol

When the weather is questionable or a blizzard is predicted, Grenfell Campus administration follows this protocol before making a decision to cancel classes:
  • We contact various external agencies as is appropriate, such as the police, weather service, city bus service, and the Department of Work, Services and Transportation...
  • We check weather and road report web sites...
  • When possible, one of the senior administrators will drive on city streets and on the highway to see actual conditions...
  • We consult the administration of the Corner Brook campus of the College of the North Atlantic and Western School District...

We aim to accomplish all this before 6:50 a.m. At this point, if we’ve decided to cancel classes, we call our communications staff, who are responsible for phoning radio stations, flagging our home page and sending out an email. The radio stations announce school cancellations shortly after the 7 a.m. news. If you do not hear information pertaining to Grenfell, it means the campus will remain open for the morning session. If the weather remains questionable, senior administration meet again in preparation for the 11 a.m. radio announcements. We follow the same protocol, phoning the various authorities and consulting weather and road websites before arriving at a decision. Listening to local radio stations around 11 a.m. will give you information about the afternoon session.

We follow the same procedure for evening classes, aiming to have announcements online and on the radio by 4 p.m. at the latest.

Ultimately, it is the decision of the individual to come to campus when the weather is uncertain. It is understandable that students feel compelled to attend class, but in instances where your own personal circumstances are notaddressed, then you must make the decision based on the best information you have, as we also attempt to do. If you must miss class, it is a good idea to email or phone your instructors and explain your absence. You can be confident that faculty and staff will understand and accept the reasons for your absence in such situations and that you will not lose marks for missing class. In fact, students cannot be penalized for missing class at any time except in the case of labs, theatre studio/production classes and some visual arts studio courses.

Similarly, in the case of faculty and staff, should you live outside Corner Brook and be required to travel over the highway or any of the Bay of Islands routes and not feel comfortable in doing so, there will be no penalty for delays in arriving at work, or not coming to work at all, if storm conditions persist, and, in your judgment, road and highway conditions are not safe. When classes are cancelled in the early morning, staff are not required to report for work. When classes are cancelled later on in the day or evening, staff are not required to remain on campus, unless you are required to maintain departmental operations.

There is nothing convenient about a snow storm, or any other interruption of our daily lives. But we will continue to try to make the best decisions with the information we are given.


Some tips to keep this in mind this Winter when walking to and from Grenfell Campus:

  • Watch for slippery surfaces created by water or ice buildup.
  • Make note of rapid temperature changes, warm to cold, when icy conditions usually develop.
  • Stick to maintained walkways. Avoid shortcuts.
  • Wear footwear with good traction.
  • Don't hurry across walks or parking lots. Slow down and walk carefully.
  • Use hand rails if they are available.
  • Report any hazardous conditions in building corridors, exterior walking surfaces, or overhead areas.

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