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 Campus Safety Tips

Campus Safety Tips

Some office tips for a safer working environment at Grenfell Campus:

  • Don’t loan out your office keys or allow them to be copied.
  • Don’t leave your keys hanging from the door knob of your office or work space.
  • Keep your purse, wallet or other valuables locked in a cabinet or drawer. Office thieves know the usual unlocked hiding places.
  • If you leave your office, even for just a minute, lock the door.
  • Record the description and serial numbers of office equipment, especially highly portable computer equipment.
  • Keep petty cash locked up at all times and make periodic checks of the amount.
  • Lock doors and close windows at the end of the working day.
  • If working late in a secured building, never prop open exterior doors. Don’t hold the door open for anyone you do not know, after building is closed and locked for the evening.
  • Call Campus Enforcement and Patrol at 637-6210, if you would like an escort to your vehicle late at night.

Everyone has an important role to play when it comes to security. The best plan is to be a good ambassador for your department and the Campus. If you see someone who appears lost, out of place, or loitering, approach and offer assistance by giving directions. If their business is legitimate, you have created a good impression. If it is not, you have put the person on notice that security awareness is a priority. You have also taken the opportunity to get a good visual/physical description of the person. If the answer you get is hostile, evasive, or otherwise unsatisfactory, call the Campus Enforcement and Patrol Office. If the person is clearly a threat to safety or property or is acting in a strange or bizarre fashion, then avoid contact and call Campus Enforcement and Patrol at 637-6210 immediately.

What happens when a student discovers a theft or other crime on Campus?
Reports of theft or other crimes are reported to CEP for investigation. If you live in the residence, Residence Assistant’s, Chalet Assistant's, Residence Life Officer and the Residence Manager are key people in reporting criminal activity, who in turn can come to CEP.

How is the Campus environment maintained for safety?
Emergency Phones, buildings, lighting and walkways: There are 8 strategically placed Blue Light Emergency Call Stations/Phones around campus. These call stations dial directly to the Campus Enforcement and Patrol communications control centre for immediate assistance.

CEP Officers also assess the physical condition of the facilities during interior and exterior patrols of Campus property. This includes buildings, parking areas, landscaping, grounds keeping, and outdoor lighting. All CEP Officers, faculty, staff, students and visitors can report any incidents or deficiencies to the physical plant of Grenfell Campus, by calling the Department of Campus Enforcement and Patrol at 637-6210 or the office of the General Services Supervisor at 637-6224.​​​​

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