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 How to Apply

How to Apply

If you wish to apply to the Visual Arts Program at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland, you must submit the following:

  1. a MUN General Undergraduate Application for Admission
  2. an Application for Admission to the BFA (Visual Arts) Program

Our classes are small, accepting a maximum of 25 students each year. Admission is competitive. To be selected, you have to show us you have the requisite skills to succeed in our program. We’ll be looking at your commitment to work, both academic and artistic. You’ll need to submit a general undergraduate application for admission, an application for admission to the visual arts program, your portfolio and a letter of intent. Please submit by March 1 of the year entry is sought. Use the mailing label here.

If you are transferring from another school, contact us and we’ll talk about how you go about applying and requesting transfer credits.


Your Portfolio

Your portfolio is the best way to demonstrate your talent and creativity. A portfolio is simply a collection of examples of your artwork. It should demonstrate your potential and your interests. The subject matter is open and should show a variety of approaches and subjects. If you usually like to draw one kind of thing, expand your approach to include other subject matter in order to show us your versatility. We like to see work produced directly from life so be sure to include examples of that.

We encourage you to try a variety of media such as pencil or graphite, charcoal, inks, pen/felt pen, pastel, acrylic or oil paints, watercolor, collage, prints, photographs, sculptures, short videos, sound art, fibre arts, etc.

Some basic requirements for each portfolio:
  • Artworks created from observation of actual objects, places, or people.
  • Artworks that explore an idea or point of view

The range and quality of work is the best indicator of your ongoing commitment to art-making. Send a minimum of ten pieces; the pieces should be clearly labelled with your contact information. Include a list of the work you submit. Descriptions are also helpful.

You can send photos of work that may be too bulky or inappropriate to send. We encourage digital portfolio submissions. For digital files, please see our guidelines for submitting work in digital formats.

Some things to avoid in a portfolio:
  • A whole portfolio of one thing, one medium or one approach.
  • Too much work that is copied from comic books, graphic novels, anime or magazines. Express your originality, explore your surroundings. A drawing of your friend is a better indicator of your skill set than a copy of a cartoon character, no matter how accurate it may be
  • Very old work that bears little or no relation to your current level of skill or understanding.
  • A tattered or careless presentation.

Have any questions? We’d be happy to help. Phone (709) 637-6223 or e-mail the visual arts program chair.

street address:

Grenfell Campus
Memorial University

20 University Drive
Corner Brook, NL
A2H 5G4

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Grenfell Campus
Memorial University

PO Box 2000
Corner Brook, NL
A2H 6P9

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