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This is the most recent information we have about the whereabouts and activities of our alumni. If you are a graduate of Grenfell Campus's Visual Arts Program, you can help us keep this page up to date by letting us know where you are and what you're up to. See the Contact page.

Each year the Visual Arts Program publishes a catalog of graduate student work to accompany our annual fourth-year exhibition. You can browse the library of graduate exhibition catalogs on the Grenfell Campus Art Gallery website.

Alumnus Karen Channing with one of her paintings.

Class of 2005

Our Class of 2005 graduates are Nicole Barrett, Aaron Brazil, Amanda Brushett, James Clarke, Anna Elkins, Renite Fillatre, Lacey Haskell, Amy Holloway, John MacDonald, Jillian Nichol, Angela O'Brien, Susan Randell, Amanda Reardon, Carolyn Reddy, Jennifer Rideout, Janet Russell, Darren Whalen, Stephanie Williams, and Meleny Yetman.

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Class of 2004

Alyssa Andrews is continuing her studies at Concordia University's MFA program in Montreal. Her work was recently chosen to be published in the Magenta Foundation publication Carte Blanche as an emerging Canadian photographer. Carte Blanche will be available in December 2005.

Nicholas Dawson is currently teaching ESL in South Korea. He has also worked at State of the Arts in Corner Brook, and occasionally does graphic design work for Grenfell Campus Art Gallery and other organizations.

Robin Hatfield is currently enrolled in the art education / technology education program at MUN in St. John's.

Matthew Hollett will graduate from NSCAD University's MFA program in April 2008. He is currently living in Halifax. His website is

David Jones will be studying education at MUN in St. John's in September 2004. He recently worked for a small graphic design company in Corner Brook, and is currently working on a body of work for an exhibition. He intends to pursue an MFA degree.

Jeremy McPeake recently received the 2004-2005 Don Wright Scholarship from St. Michael's Printshop in St. John's, which includes a year-long residency at the Printshop and a $500 honorarium.

Pamela Pike completed an education degree program at MUN and has accepted a teaching position at Marystown Central High. Since graduation, she has been working in beaded and paper works, and portraiture.

Our other 2004 graduates are Nicholas Bolger, Candi Brushett, Mandy Keeping, Austin King, Gerri Lynn Mackey, Meghan McMaster, Valerie Powell, and Amy Sceviour.

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Class of 2003

Sharon Ash moved to South Korea after graduating, to travel and teach English as a second language. Between teaching jobs, she has traveled across Canada's ten provinces and toured South Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. She is planning another around the world tour for late 2006. Sharon writes, "My artwork has been greatly influenced by travel. I am currently working with Asian inks that I grind by hand on a stone and paint on hand made papers." She has a website coming soon at

Jennifer Barrett is studying in St. John's and is part of an artists' collective, The Association of Disaffiliated Artists, which includes several other Grenfell Visual Arts alumni. She was recently elected to the board of directors at St. Michael's Printshop.

Karen Channing studied education at MUN upon graduation and will be teaching at Marystown Central High School in September 2004. She served on the board of directors at Eastern Edge Gallery in 2003 - 2004.

Shirley Greer worked in the printshop at Grenfell College last year, taking advantage of the alumni residency program. She also worked with Marlene MacCallum on the Pink Story book project. A solo installation and print show Houseworks: Relocation/Dislocation will run at the Corner Brook Arts & Culture Centre September 15 - 30, 2004, and Shirley will also have an installation in Bonnie Leyton's Then & Now show at Devon House, St. John's, in March 2005. Surfacing Journal, a textile arts publication out of Toronto, published a feature article on her in the Summer 2004 issue, and her work was included in a show by the newly-formed League of Artists of Western Newfoundland (LAWN) at the Woody Point Heritage Theatre in August 2004.

Scott Keating continues to make art; you can see some of his illustration, fine art, and graphic design work on his website.

Patrick James Kennedy continues to make art and recently completed a series of drawings in South Korea. You can see his artwork on his website, Noble Goof Art.

Craig Morrison is currently studying philosophy at MUN. He recently took part in the 2004 Harlow tour, and was also part of the traveling exhibition The Multiplicity of Voon with fellow Grenfell students Amanda Powell, Janet Russell and Phil Robbins, which showed in Corner Brook, Gander, and Grand Falls. In the summer of 2003, he redesigned the Grenfell Campus Art Gallery website. Craig has an upcoming solo exhibition at the Corner Brook Arts & Culture Centre from October 15 - 31, 2004, called The Light of Other Days (with work ranging from digital images to installation and web design), and will be launching a web design company serving artists and non-profit organizations in September 2004. Visit Craig's website for more information.

Amanda Powell took part in The Multiplicity of Voon, a show of work by several Grenfell students and alumni that travelled to Corner Brook, Gander, and Grand Falls. She is currently enrolled in the art education / technology education program at MUN, and will graduate with teaching certification in August 2005.

Phil Robbins is currently enrolled in the art education / technology education program at MUN, and took part in the 2004 touring exibition entitled The Multiplicity of Voon. His 2003 work Searching can be seen in the Digital Art Exhibition on the Grenfell Campus Art Gallery website.

Ryan Sheppard was recently accepted into Sheridan College's film and television program.

Paul Tucker is working at Pope Productions in St. John's.

Our other 2003 graduates are Heidi Anderson, Claire Bourgeois, Abbie R. Collins, Vicki Collins, Baden Cunning, David Gale, Laura King, Melissa Martin, April Norman, and Curtis Slade.

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Class of 2002

Rita Broderick worked on mural projects during the summer of 2002.

Michael Connolly is working as a full time technician at St. Michael's Printshop in St. John's, where he also teaches courses periodically. He has previously served on the board of directors of St. Michael's, and was the 2002-2003 recipient of the Don Wright Scholarship. Michael has been an artist in residence at both St. Michael's and at Terra Nova National Park. He and J. Corey Gorman have a two-person show scheduled at the RCA Gallery in LSPU Hall in St. John's, January 30 to March 8, 2005. The show will focus on new possibilities in landscape painting.

Tia Connolly (nee Warren) lives in St. John's, where she manages The Leyton Gallery of Fine Art. She continues to make art. You can see some of her work as well as Mike Connolly's on their website, Connolly Fine Art.

Tina Dolter is living in Steady Brook and working on the exhibition The Sensuality of the Maturing Woman, which will show at the Corner Brook Arts and Culture Center from March 17 - 31, 2005. She gratefully acknowledges the support of the NLAC for their support of this project. Tina has recently become co-director of Humber Valley Interiors, the Interior Design Division of Humber Valley Resort, and is a board member of VANL, and Vice President of LAWN (League of Artists of Western Newfoundland). She and alumnus Audrey Feltham (Class of 1992) recently established LAWN, which held a very successful Christmas exhibition The HEART of Giving, following on the heels of the inaugural exhibition Dissemination at the Woody Point Writer’s Festival in August 2004. LAWN has many more exciting exhibition and community access projects on the go, including a Parks Canada project at Gros Morne, a website in production, and public art projects in the works. They are constantly inviting new members, and encourage all artists and patrons to get on board.

J. Corey Gorman was the first recipient of the new travel scholarship given by the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts and the C.D. Howe Foundation. He served as Interim Gallery Coordinator of Eastern Edge Gallery in St. John's from May 2003 to July 2004, and is currently setting up a studio in Marystown to make art full-time.

Jason Hussey was recently an artist-in-residence in P.E.I. and worked with Associate Professor Don Foulds on the Police and Peace Officers Memorial Project. In his second year of the Visual Arts program, Jason was commissioned by Memorial University of Newfoundland's Botanical Gardens to produce a sculpture which was installed in the Gardens.

Claire Priddle worked on mural projects during the summer of 2002 and is now painting full time in Grand Prairie, Alberta.

Our other 2002 graduates are Gino Collins, Bartley Gosse, Michael Hogan, Chris Martin, Shyama McWhirter, Steve Pardy, and Natalie Rogers.

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Class of 2001

Omar Badrin is continuing his art practice and recently lived in Virginia where he exhibited in a group exhibition. Since leaving the United States, Omar has traveled to Kenya where he stayed at Kakuma, a refugee camp, as well as Nairobi for a refugee exposure trip. Omar writes, "It was mainly an observational trip and one of the most influential experiences in my life. I am presently in Newfoundland plotting my next escape!"

Patrick Canning had an exhibition of drawings and colour photographs at the Rogue Gallery at Eastern Edge Gallery, St. John's in August 2001. In the spring of 2002, Patrick was awarded and Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council project grant to produce a photographic mural.

Claire Gillingham is living and working in Halifax, NS where she has a studio.

Rebecca Harris completed her MA in Art History at York University in 2003. Her thesis centred on the constructed social self and the multiple layers of identity that are woven into ones contemporary life, and used Jana Sterbak's Vanitas: Flesh Dress for an Albino Anorectic, (1987) as a focal point. Rebecca is currently working at the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in Toronto, where her official title is Manager, RCA Communications & Administration.

Jason Jenkins spent the summer of 2004 working for the Pouch Cove Foundation, developing its artist residencies and upcoming exhibition spaces at the retired Pouch Cove Elementary school. He has been involved in several shows and spent time as a volunteer (both on and off the board of directors) at Eastern Edge Gallery over the past few years. He is currently represented by the James Baird Gallery, where there are ongoing discussions about an exhibition at the end of the year. He plans on applying for several grants to fund his work for the coming season, after which he intends to pursue a Masters degree.

Steven Mouland is teaching in Labrador.

Shoji Okami is working as a graphic artist for a hotel in Oita prefecture, Japan. He is currently working on putting together an exhibition of his photography. Some of his photos can be viewed in his online photo gallery.

Michael Pittman recently received a full scholarship for the MFA program at the Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland, and has been invited to apply to the PhD register upon completion of 12 months study. His practice-based research will be dealing with personalized place related visual culture and an investigation of visual stereotypes in Newfoundland and Labrador. He will also be teaching and working at the Centre for Newfoundland & Labrador Studies. Michael is hoping to put together a show of young Newfoundland artists for exhibit at the Centre and possibly other venues in Ireland for sometime in 2005; any interest parties can contact him at (particularly those living away from the island). Michael and Patrick Canning (class of 2001) also had an exhibition at the Corner Brook Arts and Cuture Centre in 2002. Visit Michael's website at

Jessica Reid is teaching art in Labrador City.

Dave Sheppard was awarded the Don Wright Scholarship at St. Michael’s Printshop during 2001. He had an exhibition of his prints at the Rogue Gallery at Eastern Edge Gallery, St. John’s in 2001. Moving back to Corner Brook, Dave worked for a year and a half at State of the Arts Gallery, and has continued to exhibit regularily across the province. As well, Dave has worked as a printer for artist Tess Middleton, produced illustrations for Black Gate magazine, and completed two Alumni Artist in Residence Programmes at Grenfell Campus. Currently, Dave is actively producing artwork and is represented through the Emma Butler Gallery in St. John's. Visit his website at

Mark Simms completed an education degree at MUN as is currently teaching in Lewisporte.

Anthony Wall completed an education degree and is currently enrolled in courses at MUN.

Andy Williams has a successful insurance business in central and western Newfoundland.

Our other 2001 graduates are Rodney Mercer, Jacqueline Morgan, Suzanne Sparkes, and Morinda Yetman.

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Class of 2000

Jamie Bennett did a seven-week internship in the Technical Services Program of the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario, during the summer of 1999. He then worked as gallery registrar at Grenfell Campus Art Gallery from May 2000 to April 2001. He is currently on contract as a preparator at the AGNL, St. John’s.

Kelly Hayden is doing animation at Lawrence College in St. John’s.

Jordan MacDonald is living and working in New Zealand.

Scott McMaster worked as the photographer for the summer Art Camps run by community education at Grenfell Campus. He is currently in Korea teaching English.

Glen Moss is working for Black's Photography in St. John's.

Mark O'Neill is living in Fermeuse and works as assistant camera for movie and television projects.

Jerry Ropson is currently living and working in Montreal, though he considers himself a permanent resident of Newfoundland. He received the 2000 Don Wright Print Scholarship from St. Michael's Printshop. In 2001, Jerry moved to Bangkok, Thailand to work with the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization in a six month internship in the Archeology and Fine Arts, and in March 2002 he organized the first public art conference under the umbrella of SEAMO. His recent exhibitions include a solo show in Montreal in June 2004, as well as Transaction and Hunting for Heroes at the Rogue Gallery of Eastern Edge Gallery, St. John's. Jerry has also participated in group shows at various artist-run centres across the country and elsewhere, most recently in St. John's, Vancouver, and Frankfurt, Germany. In September 2004 Jerry began a six-week artist residency at Struts Gallery in Sackville, New Brunswick, and in fall 2005 was artist in residence at Terra Nova National Park (made possible by The Rooms and Parks Canada), where he worked on a series of drawings in primarily book formats and developed a performance piece. Jerry also recently co-designed, illustrated, and toured with the fringe theatre production Cross Country Trampoline. He plans to pursue an MFA within the next couple of years.

Krista Simmons did an education degree at MUN. She is currently on educational leave from her teaching position in Grand Falls-Windsor, and is applying to do a Masters in Education in January 2005. She also plans to travel to Ireland on a working holiday program, where she will begin a new body of work. She recently held her first solo show in October 2004. In her fourth year of the Visual Arts program, Krista was a winner in the 2000 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award, sponsored by the International Sculpture Center (ISC). As part of the award, she attended the 18th International Sculpture Conference in Houston, Texas, and her work was shown at at Grounds for Sculpture in New Jersey.

Glen Simms did an education degree at MUN and currently teaches at Regina High School in Corner Brook.

Allyson Stuckless has been involved with many exhibitions since graduating, including Catharsis, a show of her print work at Eastern Edge's Rogue Gallery (April 2001). She also worked on a portrait commission of drawings for the Newfoundland and Labrador Hockey Hall of Fame during the summer of 2000 (a project coordinated by Tina Dolter, class of 2002). Allyson has served as Director and Administrative Coordinator of Eastern Edge, and Executive Assistant at St. Michael's Printshop. She intends to return to school to study kinesiology and recently taught her two Maine Coon cats to paint.

Vicki Young worked at an SCP position at Grenfell during the summer of 2000. She is currently doing an education degree at MUN.

Our other 2000 graduates are Corwin Durnford, Paul Kawaja, Annette Manning, Veronica Murphy, Allison Pinsent, Stephen Pinsent, Nancy Sweetapple, and Richard Symonds.

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Class of 1999

Dean Anderson is living and working in Burgeo.

John Carberry worked at Penney Photography and was the Arts & Crafts Coordinator with the City of Corner Brook for the summer 2000 program. John and Phil Simms (class of 1999) had an exhibition at the Arts & Culture Centre in Corner Brook in the summer of 2000. John taught in Nunavit during 2001 - 2002 and is currently doing an education degree at MUN.

Lee Churchill (nee Oldford)* completed a Master of Art Conservation at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, and a work term in Oxford, England. Lee is now living in Calgary and working at the Glenbow Museum as their Paper Conservator.

Linda Foulds exhibited as part of a four-person show at the Natural Bean Café in Corner Brook during June and July 1999. Her painting Starfruit and Fork was on display in the office of Dr. Axel Meisen, the president of MUN, during the fall and early winter of 1999. She exhibited in the1st Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibition, Vancouver, B.C. in 2000. During 2001 - 2002 she was in Italy and Morocco where she worked on a series of wrapped spoons inspired by the colours of Morocco.

Philip Simms is living in New Brunswick. Phil's piece My Cat Seems to Like the Birds in My Back Yard won second place in the Senior Division - Painting category of the Provincial Arts & Letters Competition in 1999. He maintains a website with artwork.

Our other 1999 graduates are Chris Clarke, Graham Matthews, Shawn Roberts, and Robert Simon.

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Class of 1998

Jennifer Andrews (nee Long) teaches pinhole photography, print media & design, and computer animation to grades eleven and twelve at Nort Peace Secondary School in northern British Columbia.

Jonathan Clouter worked as a PA on CBC's Dooley Gardens after graduating, then moved to Ottawa where he worked as a graphic designer. In 2001 he became one of three founding members of a high resolution 3D laser scanning / multimedia company, XYZ RGB Inc, which focuses primarily on providing content to the visual effects industry. XYZ RGB has provided high resolution digital models for many of the biggest blockbusters and video games of the last few years (including The Matrix: Reloaded, The Matrix: Revolutions, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, and Batman Begins). In 2004 XYZ RGB and the NRC were nominated for a joint Technical Academy Award for their contribution to visual effects (unfortunately they did not receive the award). Jonathan also contributes to haptics research for Ottawa University's Sensing and Modeling Research Laboratory (SMRLab). His current projects include working with John Rao (class of 1998) on his short film Charlotte Lotus Flower, playing rhythm guitar in an 'as yet unnamed' Ottawa blues band and providing computer animation and graphics for the Pink Floyd cover band Comfortably Numb. The company is currently finishing up work on Peter Jackson's King Kong.

Glen Bartlett worked for Japan Camera in St. John's before switching to graphic design for a San Francisco based firm.

Greg Bennett* is living and working in St John's. He continues to paint, and exhibits regularly. He also took part in the Contemporary Visual Festival in St. John's in August 1999, contributing an installation entitled Float. He had a solo exhibition entitled excursio at David Ariss Gallery, St. John's in October 2000. He was a recently a recipient of a Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council Project Grant.

Michael Blanchard worked at Maximum Impact, Corner Brook where he did graphic design. He has since relocated to pursue graphic design work elsewhere.

Greg Curtis is living in Scarborough and working as a graphic designer.

Lori Doody won first place in the Senior Division - Drawing and Printmaking category of a recent Provincial Arts and Letters Competition for her piece Gold Rush. Lori has been very active at St. Michael's printshop, where she is the technical assistant there. In 2000 she exhibited at the First Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibition in Vancouver, B.C. She also had a show of miniature prints entitled Sing, Sing, Sing which was held at the Rogue Gallery, Eastern Edge, St. John's in May 2001. Her recent show of prints Papier Couture II was at the Rogue Gallery in August 2002. You can see some of her work on her website,

Sarah Feltham is teaching art for grades 6 through 12 in New Brunswick.

Terrence Howell was the recipient of the 1999 Don Wright Print Scholarship. In addition to working with printmaking, Terrence continues to paint. He was a recently a recipient of a Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council Project Grant, and also served on the jury of the Canadian Mint's Millennium Coin Design competition, representing Newfoundland. He began teaching English in Korea in the fall of 2002.

Glen Kayler is living and working in Edmonton where he does digital graphics, illustration, and design work for Con Boland, a photographer. He has also recently branched out into web design. In his fourth year of the Visual Arts program he won a Cabot 500 sculpture commission, and his work was installed in the Discovery Centre in Gros Morne National Park.

Alanna Murphy worked for Nortique Fashions in Corner Brook, which included design work. She has since relocated to St. John’s and is teaching art.

Undrea Norris is living and working in St. John's and continues to work in mixed-media painting and sculpture. She was represented by David Ariss Fine Art Gallery. Her recent exhibitions include Form and Substance, a six-person show at the RCA Visual Gallery in June 1999, a solo show The Second Skin at David Ariss from September to October 1999, Goddess Assembly Lines, a two-person show at Eastern Edge Gallery in February through April 2000, and she performed in SEE, an interdisciplinary show in June in St. John's. Most recently, she is part of a two-person exhibit entitled Pink at Eastern Edge Gallery in St. John's.

Nicole Pitcher teaches art at O'Donel High School in Mount Pearl. She was the Artistic Director for the school productions of Fame the Musical and Crazy For You, in 1999 and 2003. She is the vice president for the NLTA Special Interest Group for Visual Arts, and a member of the CDAA (Canadian Doll Artist Association). Her work is on display at Devon House, St. John's, and she had a solo exhibition, A Humble Goddess, at the Grand Falls Arts & Culture Centre in July 2003.

John Rao is a graduate of the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) program. Since graduation, John has been a singing songwriter, visual artist, written, directed and produced original theatrical works, has promoted local music, and freelanced as a conceptual and graphic designer.

John received his Bachelor’s in Education from Memorial in 1999 and has been teaching Theatre Arts ever since. He is currently teaching at Holy Heart High School in St. John’s. John has received awards at regional high school festivals for direction, use of interpretative movement, lighting and sound.

In 2000 John began holding a week-long Stop Racism Arts Festival at Queen Elizabeth Regional High and has carried it over to Holy Heart where it was received with open arms.

John is currently in pre-production of a re-imagined version of the play Charlotte Lotus Flower (co-written with friend Sarah Six). Charlotte Lotus Flower is also being produced into a short film with fellow Grenfell grad Jon Clouter of XYZ-RGB. The soundtrack to the play and film will be released early in 2005.

Select list of projects and productions:

Design : Post Modern Architects, Darrell Cooper’s Foundation (2000), Sunday Noise (2000), Jackie Sullivan’s Out of the Rain, Fred Wood Vice Presidential and Presidential Candidates Campaign.

Theatre (as Art of Rao): Charlotte Lotus Flower (2003), delphi: ICON (2003), State One (2004), Charlotte Lotus Flower (2005), and numerous high school productions.

Visual Art: Group shows: Suspectsart 1999, Societe Anonyme (2002), Individual: Icon: Memory (2003), and in progress: Proppa Propganda

Music: The Post Modern Architects - songwriter, player, producer,(1998), Bemsha - songwriter, player (2001), Out of the Rain Jackie Sullivan - co-write (2002), Soundtrack to Charlotte Lotus Flower - in production (2005).

Beth Stewart Batten lived and worked in Leicester for a brief time and worked as a graphic designer in a textiles factory. She is now living and working in St. John’s.

Krissie Worthman completed an education degree at MUN and is teaching art in Newman’s Cove.

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Class of 1997

Nathan Bailey is teaching English in Korea.

Chris Batten completed his MA in Museum Studies at the University of Leicester. He is currently working as Collections Technician at the AGNL in St. John’s.

Dana Carter is a full-time darkroom technician for Robinson-Blackmore in St. John's. He took part in the group show Societe Anonyme with other local artists in St. John's.

Jason Cochrane is working for the graphic design division of the Evening Telegram in St. John's.

Richard Haines received a B.Ed. from UPEI and is now a High School Art and Photography Teacher at Charlottetown Rural High School in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. He is part of the Visual Arts Curriculum Development committee writing Art Curriculum, a member of the Peake Street Studios Artist Collective, and a regular collaborator in the Peake Street Studios shows. As of October 2008, his upcoming exhibitions include "One True Thing" at Peake Street Gallery, and "Make Your Mark Two" at the Kier Gallery.

Tessa Middleton maintains an active art practice in Corner Brook working in printmaking, painting, and photography. Recent exhibitions include taking part in a group exhibit at the Natural Bean Café in Corner Brook in June and July 1999. She did workshops and projects in several schools in western Newfoundland as part of the Learning Through the Arts Program. Her most recent exhibition was entitled A Day at the Beach and Other Stories and was shown at Gallery 78, Fredericton, NB in May 2002.

Craig Reid continues to work in printmaking and ceramics. He is a board member of a group working on establishing an arts center in Grand Falls, and is building his own pottery studio in that area.

Karla Tucker studied graphic design at Lawrence College and continues to paint.

Our other 1997 graduates are David Collins and Connie Hamlyn.

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Class of 1996

Chris Bennett is the owner of State of the Arts, a gallery and frame shop in Corner Brook.

Heather Campbell is working in Ottawa, Ontario as the curator for the Inuit Art Centre, a division of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. In May 2004 she presented the paper "Independent Inuit Artists of Canada" at the International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences in Fairbanks Alaska. Heather is also a member of the board of directors of the artist run centre Gallery 101, and continues to paint and draw in her spare time. She is currently working on a new website, but in the meantime her work can be seen here.

Dwayne Carberry is working as a freelance artist in Halifax doing illustrations, graphics, painting commissions and backdrop painting for theatre production. He also participates in poetry readings, painting on stage while the poets read. He has been giving painting lessons at a rehabilitation center.

Kelly Coombs (nee Hynes) moved to Grande Prairie, Alberta in 1997. She immediately got a position in a local photography studio. She also does occasional work for a professional photographer.

Kelly Cunningham is a graphic designer for an advertising and public relations company in St. John's. Kelly continues to paint, sculpt and make digital art. She has had several painting commissions and sells her paper mache sculpture through a gallery shop in Arizona.

Monica MacDonald* is living in Fredericton where she continues to paint. She is actively involved with Gallery Connexion, an artist-run gallery in Fredericton. She had an exhibition entitled Just Paint at Gallery 78 in Fredericton in May, 2002.

Fred Martin is the owner of Smartsigns in Corner Brook.

Kendrick Mauser taught kindergarten at an art-based international school in Bangkok, Thailand, and has continued to make photographs, responding to sites seen in his travels through southeast Asia. He is also a member of the International Guild of Knot Tyers, specializing in Asian decorative temple knotting. Kendrick is currently living in Kingston, Ontario, and works as a freelance graphic designer. Visit his website,, for more information.

Terry O'Reilly lives in Kingston, Ontario, where he works as an art technician at Queen's University. He opened a studio gallery, Verb Gallery, where he continues to paint, print, sculpt, and help emerging artists with their first exhibitions.

Bob Pope is living in Japan, where he teaches ESL (English in a Second Language) as well as art classes at Hiroshima International School.

Mike Thomas received his Bachelor of Industrial Design from Carlton University in Ottawa in 2000. His major studio project was included in a show entitled Unlimited By Design at the Design Exchange in Toronto. The show ran from June through November 2000 and originated from the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution in New York City. He is currently a Specialist Designer for Teknion in Toronto.

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Class of 1995

Marsha Hudson-Tulk completed her education degree at MUN. She was living in Houston, Texas but has since relocated.

Kathy Hunt studied graphic design at Lawrence College and moved to Corner Brook to take a position with Maximum Impact to do design work.

Krista Langford is teaching art in Attawapiskat, a reserve in Northern Ontario. Previous to this she was teaching in Conne River.

Colleen Manning (nee Kearley) completed a graphic art design diploma, and recently graduated with an education degree from MUN. She is an active member of the St. Michael's Printshop board of directors, and continues to paint and draw.

Mykila Martin is working at Memorial University as a graphic artist in the Business Department. She is also an active member of the board of directors at St. Michael's Printshop.

Monique Maynard graduated from George Brown College, Toronto with a Graphic Design diploma in 1998. She has been working for the Department of Tourism Newfoundland as the Design Coordinator for The Rooms Corporation in St. Johns.

Angela Penney studied Graphic Design at NSCAD. She is St. Francis Xavier University’s Graphic Designer in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, a position she has held since 1998. She sits on the board of the StFX Art Gallery and runs a successful freelance design business.

Robin Sweeney-Jackson completed her Bachelor of Education from Memorial University, and taught English in South Korea for two years. She then moved to New Zealand and is currently Head of the Arts Faculty at a large college (senior high school with first year university) there. Robin teaches photography, sculpture and printmaking. She has had several exhibitions while in New Zealand, and was the recipient of a grant from the New Zealand Creative Arts scheme. She is also the very proud mother of two beautiful boys.

Frances Thoms is teaching at Frank Roberts Intermediate in Foxtrap. She received a Masters in Philosophy from Memorial University.

Nicole Williams (nee Murray) is currently living in Kingston, Ontario, where she works at Queen's University as a graphic designer. She also runs a freelance business called Insight Design, and maintains an active interest in photogravure, lithography, and photography.

Our other 1995 graduates are Adele Buckle, Hilary Mosher, and Kimberly Osbourne.

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Class of 1994

Jennifer Armstrong is a freelance web, software and print designer. She is making digital artwork, and has participated in several collaborative projects at St. Michael's Printshop in St. John's, where she also serves on the board of directors. In September 2004 she began a printmaking residency at St. Michael's, and is experimenting with combining digital art with traditional printmaking processes. Her digital portfolio is available at

Grant Boland continues to paint and draw and exhibits regularly. He is represented by Christina Parker Gallery in St. John's and in November 1999 exhibited recent contemporary Biblical paintings in a show entitled Who Told You Were Naked? He has been the recipient of two Elizabeth Greenshields Awards. During 2001 - 2001 he took part in the Artists in the Schools Project at St. Pius X in St. John's. His most recent solo show at Christina Parker Gallery was very successful.

Laura Clarke completed the Masters of Education program at Mount Saint Vincent University, and is now living and working in Labrador City, where she teaches art and french to elementary and primary grades. She continues to paint and to exhibit her work.

Clint Green received his MFA from the University of Guelph in 1997. Along with fellow alumni Darren Cranford (class of 1992), he was awarded Ontario's Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for 1999 for their digital animation company, Keyframe Digital Productions Inc. They have just recently relocated to Niagara Falls and their most recent projects include storyboard animation for X-Men.

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Class of 1993

Beverley Amah (nee Boone) received an education degree from MUN. Upon graduation, she moved to South Korea and lived there for nine years, returning in the summer of 2005. Beverley writes, "While in South Korea I met and married my Nigerian husband and now we have one son. We are currently living in St. John's. These days I maintain a daily painting blog called Amah Art, where I post new paintings and drawing on a daily basis. Also, I just had a drawing included in the 2007 Arts and Letters exhibition at The Rooms. If any of my old classmates read this please drop me an e-mail at . I want to organize an art blog for the 1993 graduates of the fine arts program." (written June 2007.)

Beverley King received her MA in art therapy from Concordia University in 1996. Her work as a therapist was featured in an article in The Telegram, May 25, 2000.

Reg Mercer did a degree in education at MUN in St. John's.

Jennifer Pohl is currently in Newfoundland, and continues to paint. She writes, "I'm married to writer/educator and IT consultant Douglas Johnston. We had a baby boy Conor Johnston 18 months ago and I'm expecting our second baby next June. Conor does wonderful paintings in blueberry juice. Since the first pregnancy, I've started work in egg tempera, and am about to try my hand in pastels" (written January 2006). She has received an Elizabeth Foundation Grant, and is represented by Christina Parker Gallery. Jennifer also keeps an ongoing journal of her work at

Dionne Snow worked as the educational coordinator at the AGNL for several years until her recent relocation to Pollard's Point. She is now teaching art in that region.

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Class of 1992

Brian Ball received an MFA in theatre design from the University of Victoria. He is living in Vancouver, where he worked for eight years as a scenic painter for a local film and television production company. His projects have included videos for Nickelback, tours for the Black Crows, Sarah McLachlin, The Tragically Hip, Barenaked Ladies, and Sum 41, and the film Flower and Garnet. He currently works full time as a floral designer, and plans to open his own shop.

Ruby Beaumont is an art instructor at Prince of Wales Collegiate School in St. John's. She received an MA in literacy education from Mount St. Vincent University. She had an exhibition, Something Happened in Atlin, of mixed-media paintings at the Rogue Gallery at Eastern Edge Gallery in April 2000.

Brad Colbourne is living in Montreal where he teaches computers and art at an alternative high school.

Darren Cranford, with fellow alumni Clint Green (class of 1994) was awarded Ontario's Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for 1999 for their digital animation company, Keyframe Digital Productions Inc. They have just recently relocated to Niagara Falls and their most recent projects include storyboard animation for X-Men. Darren visited Stephenville in March 2000 to do a professional development session with the animation students at College of the North Atlantic.

Audrey Feltham is a self-employed artist living in Deer Lake. Her printmaking studio, Atelier West, operates a studio gallery at 38 Elizabeth Avenue, and visitors are welcome at any time. Audrey taught 2D design at Grenfell Campus during the fall semester of 2003, and will be teaching Art 1000 there in the fall of 2004. She also taught at the visual arts program of the College of North Atlantic in 2000 - 2001, and offers one on one printmaking instruction at Atelier West. Audrey has frequently lead workshops, including one in Grand Falls on waterless lithography and another in Labrador City on colour theory, watercolour and monoprinting. Recent exhibitions include Traces, curated by Kelly Bruton for Devon House, Fine Art and Haute Couture: Marriage of Power and Control at Christina Parker Gallery, and a solo exhibition of prints at State of the Arts. During 2001 - 2002 she took part in the Artists in the Schools Project at Elwood Regional High School in Deer Lake. Recent activities include participating in the artists' exchange program developed by St. Michael's Printshop with Black Church Studios in Dublin, Ireland. She exhibited in Crete, Greece in March of 2004 and will open a solo exhibit of prints at Christina Parker in the fall of 2004. The exhibition catalogue Intimations: Shadows, Reflections and Metaphysical Marks. The prints of Audrey Feltham was printed in 2003 to accompany the travelling exhibit which toured Canada and travelled to Greece.

Glenn Gear is living in Montreal and working as an artist at MathEngine, a software development company. Glenn did his MFA at Concordia University and continues to make sculptural objects and installations.

Helly Greenacre lives in Corner Brook and maintains an active practise in painting, drawing and photography.

Ed Hollett is co-owner of Hollett Visual Communications in Corner Brook. He was a member of the project team for the book The Hum on the Humber: The First 75 Years.

Gina Jamieson is living in St. John's and continues to make art, mostly drawing commissions in ink.

Elaine Mari* was a member of the class of 1992 but graduated with a BFA after completing her course work in 1993 at Concordia University of Montreal. She lived in Montreal for 5 years, where she produced artist¹s books which were exhibited and sold at performances and spoken word events that Elaine organized and in which she participated. During this time she volunteered with McGill Community Radio. Among other work she co-hosted spoken word performance events for radio. Elaine now lives and works in Vancouver where she exhibits her artwork regularly. Elaine was volunteer coordinator for the huge and very popular three week long Artropolis 2003 art exhibition. Artropolis is a regular part of the Vancouver and British Columbia artscape. Since moving to Vancouver the landscape and her understanding of how experience of nature fulfills a human need has surfaced in her work. She recently launched a website of her latest mixed media work at on which you will find information on upcoming exhibits and a resume of her activities since graduation.

Dale Roberts received his MFA in 1996 from SUNY at Purchase, New York. Dale currently lives in Victoria on Vancouver Island. He exhibited his sculptural cotton work objects in Knit, a three person show at Eastern Edge Gallery in June 1999. His exhibition of crochet/netted works entitled Threaded Chronicles was shown at Grunt Gallery in Vancouver, B.C. in 2002. Currently showing at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria in the Interface show and at the Fran Willis Gallery in Victoria. He is curating a traveling show on mail art in September 2004. Visit his website for examples of his work.

JoAnne Snook-Hann is a creative designer with Robinson Blackmore in St. John's. She also illustrates children's books, including A Viking Ship for Brendan, which was recently published by Tuckamore Books. JoAnne is the Vice President of the Art Association of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Craig Vincent worked in the sculpture studio, the Art Gallery, and as a theatre tech at the Arts & Culture Centre during his BFA. After graduation he completed a B. Ed at M.U.N. in St. John's, then interned at his old high school, where, he writes, "I could look out the window and see the Fine Arts Building." Vincent went on to substitute teach in District 3 for ten years. He then returned to school, completing a two-year course as a Programmer Analyst (Networking) at the College of the North Atlantic. He then began teaching computers, social studies and other courses to grades 6-10. Craig writes, "I have been working full time and living for the last 5 years in Nunavut and sit on the Board of Directors of Skills Nunavut Canada. When I find time, I draw commissioned portraits in pencil. I also try to spend as much time as possible nunamittuk, "On the land"!" (written August 2007). You can see some of Vincent's work on his website.

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* this alumnus did not complete his or her entire degree at Grenfell Campus.

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