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Thanks for visiting the Grenfell Campus Branding and Marketing page. This page is intended to provide you information regarding ongoing marketing and branding efforts of the Grenfell Campus.  Any questions or comments are welcome. Feedback will be sent to Joann Fitzgerald, Grenfell's Marketing Manager and she will respond. Or you can always call her at X6274 OR drop by her office AS278 on the Grenfell Campus.Sample of Google Ads

What is new in Marketing today?

Currently, Grenfell marketing has two brand awareness campaigns running in two geographical regions:

1.    St. John’s, NL

2.    Halifax, NS

What are the campaigns?

St. John’s Brand Awareness Campaign

This region’s brand awareness campaign uses an integrated approach as it is much more effective than one singular tactic.  Integrated mean the messages used in each tactic support each other for an overall look and feel consistent with the brand; allowing audiences to become familiar with the brand and what it represents no matter the medium in which they experience it (i.e. radio or bus ad). 

St. John’s is a key target area given the fact that research conducted this summer for Grenfell brand perception and awareness, showed Grenfell’s awareness is low the further east you go on the island.  Grenfell needs to grow its awareness in its home province as much as it does outside of the province.

Furthermore, it is important that students (current and potential) understand that Memorial offers a smaller more intimate learning environment through its Grenfell campus.  Every year Memorial loses some of its students to smaller institutions on and off the island and it is possible some of these students would have stayed with Memorial if they were aware of the Grenfell offer – Grenfell needs to make them aware.

The St. John’s Campus campaign is a 4-5 week campaign (Week of October 31- November 28). The campaign includes several traditional and on-line tactics - listed below.

Click on the link for each of the tactics below to see/hear the related creative in the St. John’s market now.

Halifax Brand Awareness Campaign

In the Halifax area and within Nova Scotia in general, Grenfell’s awareness continues to grow, demonstrated by the increase in students from this region this past fall.  It is important now to capitalize on this momentum and continue to bring awareness of Grenfell and reinforce it as a solid choice of schools for a post secondary education, even for Nova Scotians. 

The marketing efforts for this region leverage many of the same tactics as the St. John’s campaign – the key difference is the message developed for radio.

The 4-6 week Marketing campaign in Halifax (Week of Oct 24 – Week of November 28).

Click on the link for each of the tactics below to see/hear the related creative in the Halifax market now.

Re-branding process, what is the status?

The Grenfell partner agency, Manifest, is working on creative to show the proposed direction of marketing materials for Grenfell, including the proposed Grenfell campus logo and related tagline – Expected early in the New Year.

What's next?

  • Development of new brand guidelines – based on the final Grenfell Brand Strategy /logo/tagline
  • Development of materials for new Grenfell Brand
  • Planning & development work for brand launch in fall of 2012

What has been accomplished so far?

To date a number of different research initiatives have been conducted and results have been shared with the internal Grenfell Community, including: 

  • Results of a Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats, Opportunities (SWOT) analysis with faculty and staff
  • Results of Student Focus Groups (70 students across year of study, academic focus and geographic origin, including across Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario and internationally
  • Results from the Ipsos Reid Brand Awareness and Perceptions Study across Newfoundland – 300 people ages 16-24
  • Internal and external consultations by Manifest (marketing strategy firm) – to determine what respondents think and feel about Grenfell today, as well as who and what Grenfell represents for each individual interviewed
  • Feedback on proposed strategy received and discussed with team and agency
  • Finalization of the Grenfell brand strategy - notification to faculty and staff
  • Results delivered from an Ipsos Reid Memorial University brand awareness and perception study of target audience in Nova Scotia - some direct information pertaining to Grenfell included



Proposed Grenfell Campus Brand Strategy and Positioning Internal Presentation – Aug.2, 2011

Below you will see the link to the video-recorded presentation for the internal Grenfell Community delivered on Aug. 2, 2011, by Sarah Agnew of Manifest, Grenfell Campus' branding partner. For those of you who attended this presentation, enjoy the review, and for those who could not make it, please have a look. Please feel free to send any questions or comments to Joann Fitzgerald.

(This video is hosted internally and you must be a Grenfell Campus faculty or staff member to view.
To access the video, click the link and enter your MySWGC username and password.)

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