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 Division Heads and Program Chairs

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​Arts Division

Classics, English, French, History, Historical Studies, Humanities, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Spanish

Division Head​

Dr. ​Ken Jacobsen

Rm: AS335

Ext. 6333


Debbie McHugh

Rm. AS334

Ext. 2568

​Chair of English

​​Dr. Marc Thackray

Rm. AS332L

Ext. 6129

​Chair of Historical Studies

​Dr. Olaf Janzen

Rm. AS332F

Ext. 6282

​Chair of Humanities

​ ​Dr. Maura Hanrahan

Rm. AS332E

Ext. 2181

Fine Arts Division

 ​Theatre, Visual Arts

​Division Head

​Todd Hennessey

Rm. FA412

Ext. 6277


​Linda Humphries

Rm FA425

Ext. 6223

​Chair of Theatre

​Jerry Etienne

Rm. FA316

Ext. 2391

​Chair of Visual Arts

​Kent Jones

Rm. FA414

Ext. 2516

Science Division

Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Science, Engineering, Environmental Science,

Mathematics and Statistics, Physics, Science​, Computational Math

​Division Head

​Dr. Robert Gallant

Rm. AS3024

Ext. 6293


​Karen Daniels

Rm. AS3025

Ext. 6215

​Coordinator of Engineering

​Dr. Telex Ngatched

Rm. AS3010

Ext. 7310

​Chair of Environmental Science

​Dr. Don-Roger Parkinson

Rm. AS237

Ext. 6482

​Chair of General Science

​Dr. Amar Sodhi

Rm. AS3027

Ext. 6283

​Chair of Mathematics

​Dr. Jared Howell

Rm. AS3013

Ext. 6284

​Chair of Physics

​Dr. Douglas Forbes

Rm: AS3028

Ext. 6295

​Social Science Division

Anthropology, Business, Canadian Studies, Economics, Environmental Studies, Folklore, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sustainable Resource Management, Social & Cultural Studies, Sociology, Tourism Studies ​

​Division Head

​Dr. Sandra Wright

Rm. AS47

Ext. 2543


Bernice Fisher

​Rm. AS351

Ext. 6202

​Chair of Psychology

​Dr. Jennifer Buckle

Rm. AS336

Ext. 6524

​Chair of Business Administration

​Dr. Jacqueline Walsh

Rm. AS2017

Ext. 2574

​Chair of Environmental Studies

​Dr. Gabriela Sabau

Rm. AS387

Ext. 2552

​Chair of Tourism Studies

​Dr. Roselyn Okech

Rm. AS2019

Ext. 6535

​Chair of Social/Cultural Studies

​Dr. Angela Robinson

Rm. AS380

Ext. 6291

​Chair of Sustainable Resource Management

​Dr. Robert Scott

Rm. AS2023

Ext. 2732



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