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 First Year Students

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The standard sequence for students in their first year is Chem 1200 and Chem 1001. These courses are designed to provide students with the coverage of Chemical Principles that is standard across North America. Students entering this sequence are expected to have a solid background of high school chemistry.

Students who have not taken chemistry previously or who have a very weak background in the subject are required to take Chem1810 first. This course provides a coverage of the essential high school topics that are necessary to provide subsequent success in the two general chemistry courses, Chem 1200/1001.

Course sequences are as follows:


Fall Winter Intersession
Chem 1200 Chem 1001
Chem 1810 Chem 1200 Chem 1001


After completion of the two-semester general chemistry sequence (Chem 1200/1001), students can:

a. Use the courses to fulfil one-year university chemistry requirements of many professional programs, such as engineering.

b. Continue with your chemical studies into the second year. At Grenfell College, we offer the two-semester organic chemistry sequence (Chem 2400/2401), the one-semester physical chemistry course (Chem 2300) and the one-semester inorganic chemistry course (Chem 2210) that are required for many science degree programs. The one-semester organic chemistry course for biology majors (Chem 2440) is also offered. The second-year chemistry courses are usually offered as follows:


Fall Winter
Chem 2400 Chem 2401
Chem 2300 Chem 2210


(The Chem 2440 course is offered once per year in either Fall or Winter.)

Two years of chemistry courses are required for most science degree programs, including chemistry, biochemistry, and pharmacy. Consult the appropriate University Calendar to identify the precise course combinations that you require.

c. Continue with your chemical studies into the third and fourth year. At Grenfell College we offer a Chemistry stream of the Environmental Science degree. In this stream, students take a series of chemistry-focused courses in an environmental context such as: environmental analytical chemistry (Envs 3210/3211); industrial chemistry (Envs 3260); atmospheric chemistry (Envs 3261); aquatic chemistry (Envs 4230); organic chemistry of biomolecules (Envs 4240); environmental organic chemistry (Envs 4249). For details on the program, see the Environmental Science webpages.

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