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Career Choices

Why should I have a background in Earth Sciences?

The following are examples of professions that require a knowledge of various aspects of earth sciences (geosciences):


  • Geology Cities and parks planning
  • Engineering (petroleum, mining, civil) Environmental law
  • Environmental science Remote sensing/GIS Atmosphere science/climate Geography
  • Geophysics Science teaching
  • Geochemistry Oceanography
  • Planetary science Natural resources management Military Geomathematics/computer software design
  • Hydrogeology Tourism/outdoor recreation
  • Soil science/agriculture

For information on career choices in geosciences, try the following websites:

Lab Learning Resources

Available for the Earth Sciences 1000 & 1002 courses at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College are three interactive learning resources or network sites:
  1. Earth Science 1000 Lab Rocks
  2. Earth Science 1000 Lab Minerals
  3. Geology 1 (structural geology and 3-D interpretation)
  4. Topographic maps
Each learning resource or site can be accessed from the Grenfell Campus website by clicking the "Start" button, along with the following steps:
  1. Click "Start" button (lower left corner of screen)...
  2. Programs...
  3. General Network Applications...
  4. Earth Science...

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