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 Environmental Science Student Projects

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Environmental Science - Student Projects

A Bachelor of Science, MUN at the Grenfell Campus has been awarded in Environmental Science since May of 1998. The fourth year ENVS 4951/4959 (Honours) research and ENVS 4950 (General) project courses are viewed as an integral part of the degree. Projects allow for specialized training, working with a supervisor, and a taste of advanced learning on a focused environmental problem over an extended time period.

For the Honours Biology and the Honours Chemistry program a two-semester field research or experimental laboratory research project (ENVS 4951 and ENVS 4959) is mandatory.

For the General Biology or the General Chemistry program, a supervised one-semester project (ENVS 4950) is mandatory, completed (depending upon supervisor availability) either as: experimental laboratory research, field research, or as individual or a small group literature study/ assessment projects.

Many of the students listed here have had their research funded by a number of agencies (to include: the Gros Morne Internship and Kruger Pulp and Paper Research Grant) and have gone on to win the top poster or presentation awards at the Atlantic A.P.I.C.S. Environmental Science, Biology and Chemistry Society chapters.

The following list portrays the diversity of projects undertaken by students with Environmental Science faculty.

Fourth year Experimental Laboratory and Field Research Projects by General (one semester) and Honours Thesis (two semester) students.


D. Barter. Development of a quicker method for the quantitative analysis of THM’s from natural waters by SPME-GC/MS (Honours, Supervisor: D-R. Parkinson) in process.

A. Stokes. Hotspots on Ice: the ecology of icebergs. (General, Supervisor: Dr. Julie Sircom)

G. Moore. Dendro-ecology of an unusual Eastern White Pine population. (General, Supervisors: Dr. Dmitry Sveshnikov, and Dr. Andre Arsenault)


T. Chaisson. Actinometric assignment of skin protection factor (SPF) values to a range of aromatic alkyl alkanoates. (Honours, Supervisor: J.M. Dust)

T. Goosney. Investigation of the use of chitosan in purification of a model waste-water containing hexamethylazobenzene dye: UV-vis spectroscopy. (General, Supervisor: J.M. Dust)

R. Kanyangarara. Speciation of Arsenic in Newfoundland water. (General, Supervisor: G. Rayner-Canham)

D. Meade. Morphometric variations between freshwater and marine populations of the threespine stickleback. (General, Supervisor: B. Scott)

M. Montevecchi. Ghosts of fishing past: Bycatch in lost and abandoned fishing gear in the Bay of Fundy. (General, Supervisors: J. Sircom, and C. Hood, Bonne Bay Marine Station)

C. Power. Effect of soil disturbance and soil properties on the distribution of earthworm populations. (General, Supervisor: M. Krishnapillai)

S. Thompson. Litterfall in forested sites of the Newfoundland and Labrador Boreal Ecosystem Latitudinal Transect. (General, Supervisors: D. Sveshnikov and K. Edwards, Canadian Forest Services)

S. White. Applying the principles of green chemistry to selected traditional organic chemistry reactions. (Honours, Supervisor: S. Abhyankar)


M. Cook. Investigation into metal uptake from potting soil by Brassica Rapa (L.) (Field Mustard). (Honours, Supervisor: D-R. Parkinson)

A. Dolter. An examination of private well water quality in western Newfoundland. (General, Supervisors: M. Krishnapillai and A. Sarkar, Faculty of Medicine, MUN)

J. Grandy. Investigation of Cd2+, Ca2+ and Zn2+ binding with Fontinalisantipyretica and Sphagnum andersonianabiomass for application to metal ion removal from aqueous solutions. (Honours, Supervisor: D-R. Parkinson)

V. Hussey. Ecological integrity of shallow, soft-bottom marine faunal assemblages in GrosMorne National Park, NL. (Honours, Supervisors: C. Campbell and D. Whitaker, Parks Canada)

D. Keefe. A model for predicting the post glacial distribution of lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush) in Labrador, Canada, using geographical information systems data. (General, Supervisor: B. Scott)

R. LeBlanc. Partitioning soil respiration using the trench-plot method in balsam fir forests in Newfoundland. (Honours, Supervisors: M. Krishnapillai, and X. Zhu, Canadian Forest Service, Corner Brook)

J. McCarthy. Investigation of multi-valent metal binding with certain biomass for application to metal ion removal from aqueous solutions: Assessment of multiple metal competition reactions in ion-exchange processes by FAAS. (Honours, Supervisor: Dr. D-R. Parkinson)

N. Stapleton. The distribution and potential for dispersal of nonindigenous anurans in western Newfoundland. (Honours, Supervisors: I. Warkentin and C. Campbell)


S. Bursey. Studies into kinetics of nucleophilic aromatic displacement: Picryl fluoride reaction with ‘green’ reactive room temperature ionic liquids (RTILs). (Honours, Supervisor: J.M. Dust)

A. Godin. Total Coliform abundance of freshwater systems in proximity to a newly built constructed wetland. (Honours, Supervisor: C. Campbell)

L. Griffin. Preliminary UV-vis spectroscopic studies of Meisenheimer complex formation between 1,3,5-trinitrobenzene and a reactive room temperature ionic liquid, 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium cyanide: Approaches to Green Chemistry. (General, Supervisor: J.M. Dust)

R. Melanson. Species diversity and population distribution of fishes within St. Paul’s inlet in comparison with other fjord-type estuarine systems. (Honours, Supervisors: C. Campbell, and T. Knight, Parks Canada)


N. Alteen. Prevalence and intensity of Salmincola edwardsii parasitism on brook trout, Salvelinus fontinalis, in the Western Brook system of Gros Morne National Park. (General, Supervisor: C. Campbell)

N. Monnon. The influence of nickel-contaminated soil on growth parameters and nickel-uptake of five plant species naturalized in Newfoundland. (Honours, Supervisor: M. Krishnapillai)

J. Russell-Mercier. Germination and growth responses of seven plant species of Newfoundland to soils contaminated with crude and used engine oil. (Honours, Supervisor: M. Krishnapillai)


J. Ball. Ultraviolet-visible beta-cyclodexdtrin-aromatics binding constants via the dye displacement method. (General, Supervisor: J.M. Dust)

M. Creasey. Effects of overbrowsing by moose on bird communities in Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland. (Honours, Co-supervisors: I. Warkentin, and D. Whitaker of Gros Morne National Park)

T. House. Similarities and differences between Stonewort and Sargassum as possible biosorbants. (Honours, Supervisor: D-R. Parkinson)

B. Hunt. De-inking of black-printed newspaper: Preliminary studies. (General, Supervisor: J.M. Dust)

R. Soucy. Mapping surface water currents of the Humbermouth area using fluorescein dye. (General, Supervisor: W. Iams)

C. Swan. Examining mycological patterns in Newfoundland and Labrador using mushroom foray data. (Honours, Co-supervisors: I. Bauer, and Mr. A. Voitk of Foray NL and Labrador)

K. Turner. Vegetation of the SWGC fen – are plants in equilibrium with their current environment? (Honours, Supervisor: I. Bauer)

J. Tucker. Boreal Moths (Lepidoptera) of Western Newfoundland: Descriptions, suitability to parasitism and aspects of life history. (General, Co-supervisors: G. Goff, and L. Royer of Natural Resources Canada)

J. Warren. Determining the utility of SPME-GC/MS to investigate MVOC’s as biomarkers outgassed by indoor building molds. (Honours, Supervisor: D-R. Parkinson)


P. Cashin. Preparation of a poly(ethylene glycol)-β-cyclodextrins [PEG-β-CD]. Studies towards development of new solid-phase micro-extraction (SPME) fibers. (Honours, Supervisor: J.M. Dust)

R. Gaultois. Investigation of single point (grab) and time-weighted average (TWA) sampling through diffusive and direct headspace/liquid extraction methods for the determination of trihalomethanes (THMs) by SPME-GC/MS from a close looped continuous flow system. (General, Supervisor: D-R. Parkinson)

A. Matthew. Impact of limestone gravel paths on native plants beside the walking trail to Western Brook Pond. (Honours, Co-supervised: Ms. L. Bateman (SWGC) and Michael Burzynski of Gros Morne National Park)

C. Pollard. Investigation of decomposition products from petroleum components under simulated water disinfection conditions by SPME-GC/MS detection. (General, Supervisor: D-R. Parkinson)


C. Butt. The abundance and diversity of nuisance flies (Tabanidae and Oesteridae) in habitats frequented by moose and caribou in Gros Morne National Park. (Honours, Supervisors: C. Campbell and Mr. B. Hicks, College of the North Atlantic)

T. Churchill. Sampling method development for the detection of molds from building materials. (Honours, Supervisor: D-R. Parkinson)

E. Dunville. Methods of estimation of kinetic and activation parameters for alkaline aqueous hydrolysis of parathion and methyl parathion. (General, Supervisor: J.M. Dust)

B.-J. Goosney. Studies into the chemical nature of biocides. The attempted synthesis and spectroscopic study of O,O-dimethyl O-2,4-dinitrophenylphosphorothioate. (General, Supervisor: J.M. Dust)

J. Hiscock. Western Brook Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar L.) responses to major fishing closures compared to returns seen in other Newfoundland rivers. (General, Supervisors: C. Campbell (SWGC) and T. Knight (Gros Morne National Park)

E. Lavers. The study of kinetic breakdown of methyl parathion via alkaline hydrolysis at varying pH and temperature values. (General, Supervisor: J.M. Dust)

K. Rice. Study into the kinetics of alkaline decomposition of O,O-dimethyl O-(4-nitrophenyl)phosphorothioate (methyl parathion) with and without cetyl trimethylammonium bromide (CTAB). (Honours, Supervisor: J.M. Dust)


H. Bingle. Water quality parameters, including heavy metals analysis (Cu, Pb, Ni and Co) by flame atomic absorption spectroscopy, for drinking water sources of Deer Lake, NL. Preliminary studies of the use of chitosan for remediation of Pb contaminated water. (General, Supervisor: J.M. Dust)

R. Dawe. Factors contributing to nest predation and the implications of clear-cutting practices in the Main River watershed of Newfoundland. (Honours, Supervisor: I. Warkentin)

J. Humber. The potential effects of boat traffic on benthic macroinvertebrates of Western Brook Pond, Gros Morne National Park. (Honours, Supervisor: C. Campbell)

C. Mews. Use of SPME in continuous monitoring methods of PAHs from aqueous solution. (General, Supervisor: D-R. Parkinson)

A. Snook. Evaluation of wastewater treatment options for phosphorus and suspended solids reduction in a new long-term care facility. (Honours, Supervisor: C. Campbell)

A. Thomas. Studies of indoor environmental quality: UV-Vis spectroscopic and HPLC measurements of ergosterol as a marker for mold/fungi. (General, Supervisor: J.M. Dust)

J. Thorne. Infrared investigations of multiple metal binding of Chitin and its derivatives. (General, Supervisor: D-R. Parkinson)


C. Ford. The analysis of selected heavy metals (Cu,Pb,Fe) by flame atomic absorption spectrometry (FAAS) in natural waters of the Bay St. George/Stephenville area. A test of ethnochemical understanding. (General, Supervisor: J.M. Dust)

D. Garnier. Study of THM leaching from a super fund site: ”US Army Base” into local rivers at Stephenville, Newfoundland, Canada. (General, Supervisor: D-R. Parkinson)

J. Humber. The potential effects of boat traffic on benthic macroinvertebrates of Western Brook Pond, Gros Morne National Park of Canada. (Honours, Supervisor: C. Campbell)

G. Martin. Macrophytes in insular Newfoundland: their unstudied role in freshwater systems. (General, Supervisor: Mr. H. Mann)


M. Cooper. Assessment of Airport Heights Gravel pit restoration. (Honours, Supervisors: Mr. H. Mann, W. Bowers, Mr. W. Nicholls)

M. House. Initial evaluation of the health of the Humber Arm, NF. (General, Supervisor: D-R. Parkinson)

D. Humphrey. A study of the lithofacies and biofaces of a marl pond of western Newfoundland. (Honours, Supervisor W. Iams)

A. Hynes. An analysis of surface-dwelling spiders (Order Araneae) on Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve. (Honours, Supervisors: Ms. L. Bateman, R. Pickavance, S. Pardy)

R. Pilgrim. Water quality assessment (pH, alkalinity, determination of Ni, Cu, Ca, Mg concentrations by flame atomic absorption spectrometry) at sites near the Daniel’s Harbour, NL, landfill. (General, Supervisors: D-R. Parkinson, J.M. Dust)

C. Smeaton. The study of the effects of concentration and pH on the behaviour of pentachlorophenol in Soil and water. (General, Supervisor: S. Abhyankar)


E. Appleby. Studies into sorption of the insecticide, Dylox, by peaty soils. (General, Supervisors: J.M. Dust, P. Rouleau)

L. Bragg. Determination and quantification of some hydrolysis reaction products of petroleum compounds in aqueous solutions by SPME-GC/MS. (Honours, Supervisor: D-R. Parkinson).

D. Grant. Investigation of the ability of metals to bind with certain biomass: An assessment of multiple metal competitions. (Honours, Supervisor: D-R. Parkinson)

H. Hickman. A quantitative analysis of the impact of pedestrian traffic on Gros Morne Mountain, NL: effects on flora. (Honours, Supervisors: P. Rouleau, D. Wells, Dept. of Forestry, NL)

D. Janes. Determination of relationships between water, soil, and shells in Blue Ponds. (General, Supervisors: W. Iams, G. Rayner-Canham)

T. Leonard. Evaluation of potential competitive effects of exotic rainbow trout (Oncorhyncus mykiss) on native salmonids in Trout River, Gros Morne National Park. (Honours, Supervisors: C. Campbell, I. Warkentin, and T. Knight of Parks Canada)

M. Osbourne. Environmental impact assessment of the Flat Bay Gypsum Mine as a potential sanitary landfill site: a groundwater flow modeling approach. (General, Supervisor: P. Rouleau)

A. Williams. A qualitative assessment of the water quality of the Waterford River using benthic macroinveterbrates as bioinidicators. (General, Supervisors: W. Iams, M. Colbo)


J. Chaulk. Determination of the significance of collar use in soil respiration measurements conducted with a portable infrared gas analyser connected to a soil respiration chamber. (Honours, Supervisors: Ms. L. Bateman and D. Wells of Dept. of Forestry, NL)

M. King. Carbonate chemistry of a marl pond in Western Newfoundland: preliminary study. (General, Supervisors: G. Rayner-Canham, W. Iams)

H. Langdon. Lichens as monitors of trace heavy metals in the atmosphere. (Honours, Supervisor: G. Rayner-Canham)

R. Martin. Microwave decomposition of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and other chlorinated aromatics, and study of their fate in soil systems. (Honours, Supervisor: S. Abhyankar)

O. Newhook. Oxygen demand as a measure of water quality at two sites along Hughes Brook, Newfoundland. Relationship between ultraviolet-visible absorption spectrum and chemical oxygen demand. (General, Supervisor: J.M. Dust)

K. Powell. Watersheds and water quality as determinants of anuran distribution in Western Newfoundland. (Honours, Supervisors: C. Campbell and I. Warkentin)


D. Wells. Spatial heterogeneity in plankton populations in Western Brook Pond - potential impacts from increased boat traffic. Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Corner Brook, NL, Canada. (Honours, Supervisor: C. Campbell)

S. Huelin. The complete analysis of some gasolines by GC/MS and an examination of their fates in aqueous solutions. (Honours, Supervisor: D-R. Parkinson)

K. J. Parsons. Determination of octanol-water partition coefficients (KOW) of selected polynitroaromatics by ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy. Comparison of calculated and experimental values. (General, Supervisor: J.M. Dust)

D. Tiller. Investigation of biosorption of Al, Cd, Zn, and Sn metals in fresh water algae by infrared spectroscopy. (General, Supervisors: D-R. Parkinson, Ms. M. Secord)

P. Tucker. Temporal study of the metal accumulation in bivalves. (General, Supervisor: D-R. Parkinson)


T. Burden. Microbial biomass in distributed boreal forest soils. (General, Supervisor: P. Rutherford)

A. Fisher. Food availability and foraging location of the northern waterthrush in Western Newfoundland. (Honours, Supervisors: I. Warkentin, and S.P. Flemming of Gros Morne National Park)

A. Hewlin. An atomic absorption spectroscopic study into the leachability of copper and chromium from pressure-treated lumber. (General, Supervisor: J.M. Dust)

C. Hilliard. Investigations into the removal of the nitroaromatic compounds (NACS), 1,3,5-trinitrobenzene (TNB) and 1,3-dinitrobenzene (DNB), from a model soil utilizing poly(ethylene glycol methyl ether (MPEG) alkoxide reactions with NACS. (General, Supervisor: J.M. Dust)

W. Rolls. The correlation of actinometry and skin protection factor (SPF). The estimation of the SPF of a sun screen chemical: methyl salicylate. (General, Supervisor: J.M. Dust)

T. Smith. Phytofiltration: The ability of biomass to remove multiple metal ions from aqueous solution. (Honours, Supervisor: D-R. Parkinson)

C. S. Warren. Kinetics and activation parameters of the alkaline rearrangement of O,O-dimethyl (2,2,2-trichloro-1-hydroxyethyl)phosphonate (Trichlorfon) by high pressure liquid chromatography. (Honours, Supervisor: J.M.


R. Woolfrey. Effect of urbanisation of the Oak Ridge Morrain on groundwater quality. (General, Supervisor: P. Rouleau)

C. Wiseman. Investigation of biosorption through carboxyl-metal binding in Summer Savory (Satureja hortensis), Alfalfa (Medicago sativa), and Stonewort (Chara globularis) by infrared spectroscopy. (Honours, Supervisor: D-R. Parkinson)


L. Garland. A preliminary study on the distribution of moss-dwelling tardigrades with respect to the location of the Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Mill. (Honours, Supervisors: L. Bateman, M. Collins)

C. Kennedy. Sampling methods and analysis of oil residues from aqueous environments. (General, Supervisor: D-R. Parkinson)

S. K. Regular. Examination of some spectrophotometric methods of analysis for cyanide in natural waters. (Honours, Supervisors: J.M. Dust, D-R. Parkinson)

S. Roberts. Nest site characteristics of northern waterthrush nesting in Western Newfoundland. (Honours, Supervisor: I. Warkentin)

D. Sampson. An investigation into aryloxypropanoic acid herbicide degradation. Kinetics of alkaline hydrolysis of 2-(±)-(4-chloro-2-methylphenoxy)propanoic acid, Mecoprop. (Honours, Supervisor: J.M. Dust)

M. J. Smith. Investigation of copper contamination in activated sludge. (M.Sc. at MUN, St. John’s campus, Co-supervisor: C. Campbell)

D. Squires. Analysis of copper-absorption ability of activated sludge from Corner Brook Pulp and Paper. (General, Supervisor: C. Campbell.)

N-J. White. An investigation into metal uptake from potting soil by Brassica Juncea (Indian Mustard). (Honours, Supervisor: D-R. Parkinson)


D. Baldwin. Effects of copper on micro-organism communities in activated sludge systems. (Honours, Supervisor: C. Campbell)

M. Blackwood. Separation of petroleum distillates by gas chromatography. (General, Supervisor: D-R. Parkinson)

S. Dhargalkar. Factors affecting growth of juvenile Atlantic salmon in three rivers in St. Mary’s Bay, Newfoundland. (Honours, Supervisor: C. Campbell)

J. Fillier. Investigation of metal uptake by alfalfa biomass. (General, Supervisor: D-R. Parkinson)

B. Gillingham. The removal of nitroaromatic compounds (NACs) such as, 1,3,5-trinitrobenzene (TNB), from soils by utilizing the reaction between NACs and polyethylene glycol (PEG). (General, Supervisor: J.M. Dust)

M. House. Flowering phenology of selected plants of the Humber Gorge, Western Newfoundland. (Honours, Supervisor: Mr. H. Mann)

M. Jones. The distribution of stickleback (Gasterosteidae) in relation to stream salinity gradients in selected coastal streams in Western Newfoundland. (Honours, Supervisor: C. Campbell)

R. Kelly. Nutrient level monitoring in an activated sludge secondary wastewater treatment system. (Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Ltd.) Jan. 1998 (General, Co-supervised: D-R. Parkinson, J.M. Dust)

B-A. Lovell. Dimethylphthalates: Products and kinetics of alkaline hydrolysis at 40oC. (General, Supervisor: J.M. Dust)

D. Maloney. The vegetation of a marl wetland of Western Newfoundland. (Honours, Supervisor: Mr. H. Mann)

A. Neville. Digital, three-dimensional mapping of the physical environment: geophysical database for Atlantic Canada. (Honours, Supervisor: P. Rouleau)

J. Parsons. Phytoextraction: A study of the ability of plants to remove metal ions from aqueous solution. (Honours, Supervisor: D-R. Parkinson)

W. Penney. Polyaromatic hydrocarbons in soil of the Newfoundland railbed. (General, Supervisor: S. Abhyankar)

D. Pieda. Star and starburst dendrimer water-soluble polymers for time-release of herbicides. (Honours, Supervisor: J.M. Dust)

T. Rendell. Ecosystem integrity and scarification techniques. (Honours, Supervisors:Mrs. A. Hovingh, B. English)

G. Rose. Studies into the chemical nature of sunscreens. Preparation and spectroscopic studies of selected esters of 4-aminobenzoic acid (PABA). (General, Supervisor: J.M. Dust)

J. Sheppard. Studies into the correlation of chemical oxygen demand and ultra-violet-visible (UV-Vis) spectra for surface water (Lynx Pond, Massey Drive, NF). Effect of treatment with activated carbon. (General, Supervisor: J.M. Dust)

M. Smith. Dialkylphthalates, ubiquitous organic contaminants. Preliminary product studies for acidic hydrolysis. (General, Supervisor: J.M. Dust)

J. Spingle. Influence of water temperature and water discharge on the run timing of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) smolts in a northern Newfoundland river in 1996. (Honours, Supervisors: W. Iams, C. Mullins)

M. Yetman. The effects of sediment addition from a logging road on the invertebrates of Green Woods Brook in central Newfoundland. (Honours, Supervisor: Ms. L. Bateman)

General (one semester) Fourth year Essay and Group Poster Projects::


Z. Zheng. Raman spectroscopy and environmental applications of Raman spectroscopy. (General, Supervisor: G. Rayner-Canham)


A. Blackwood, L. Muise, I. Ivany. Patch size recommendations for woodland caribou following harvesting. (General, Supervisor: C. Campbell)

J. Pennell, N. Blake, B. Vatcher, H. Randell, M. Field and A. Perry. Forest patch size required for woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus) in Gros Morne National Park and Gaff Topsails region. (General, Supervisor: C. Campbell)

K. McCarthy, A. Adey, A. Buchheit, K. Kennedy. Recommendations for forest leave patches for woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) following commercial forest harvesting. (General, Supervisor: C. Campbell)


D. Jackson, J. Lundrigan, B. Jesso and R. Gallant. Habitant selection patterns of the Middle Range Caribou herd 1980-1997. (General, Supervisors: C. Campbell, C. Doucet)


G. Asche, S. Caravan, D. Holloway, L. Sheppard, W. Wyman. Lower Churchill Hydroelectric Development Environmental Impact Assessment: aquatics, avian studies, geology and soils, mammal studies, and vegetation. (General, Supervisor: Mr. E. Andrews)

P. Warren. A study of the chemistry of water seeps of the Tablelands, NL. (General, Supervisors: G. Rayner-Canham, W. Iams)


B. Cabot, M. Stone, D. Tipton, R. Crocker, S. Garland, L. Tucker, J. Goosney, J. McGinn, L. Patey, S. Hustins, R. Norman, J. Wadden, J. Loughlin and C. Ramsay. Torngat Mountains National Park of Canada Environmental Impact Assessment: aquatics, human activity, mammals, vegetation and birds. (General, Supervisor: Mr. E. Andrews)


L. Bruce, M. Burridge, S. Way, D. Lethbridge, M. Snow, N. Lights and A. Taylor. Hospital Pond Gold Mine Environmental Impact Assessment: avifauna and mammals, vegetation and soils, water quality and fish habitat. (General, Supervisors: Ms. L. Bateman, Mr. E. Andrews)


D. Arns. Chlorine dioxide as an alternative disinfectant method to avoid trihalomethanes. (General, Supervisor: G. Rayner- Canham)
M. Hebert, R. Luther, C. Rose, G. Ivany, L. Kieley, Amanda Park, T. Power, R. Walbourne, C. Neary, R. Perry, B. Pardy, J. Ryan, E. Mitchell, J. Hardy and A. Newman. Main River Watershed Environmental Impact Assessment: fish and fish habitat, avifauna, mammals, possible alternation to conditions. (General, Supervisor: Ms. L. Bateman)


K. Brake, L. Delaney, M. Parsons, A. Patey, S. Powell, S. Churchill, R. Decker, S. Mercer, K. Pike, V. Simms, M. Way, L. Dennis, R. Francis, S. Hynes, A. Park, D. Roberts, M. Moss, T. Simms, J. Walker and A. Sheppard. Argentia Nickel Smelter/Refinery Project Environmental Impact Assessment: marine habitat quality, ground/fish water quality, terrestrial habitat quality, air quality, socio-economic factors. (General, Supervisor: I. Warkentin)


K. Anthony, A. Osmond, J. Parsons, R-A. Blanchard, R. Jenkins, I. Parsons, V. Payne, B. Bugden, C. LeFrense, G. Warren, S. Fifield, R. Roberts, P. Shea and J. Walters. Trans-Labrador Highway Environmental Impact Assessment: fisheries resources, wildlife resources, plant recourses, water resources. (General, Supervisor: I. Warkentin)
A. Green. Issues in ozone layer protection. (General, Supervisor: G. Rayner-Canham)
R. Stirling. Isoprene: a biogenic and anthropogenic hydrocarbon. (General, Supervisor: G. Rayner-Canham)


S. Alyward, G. Norman, M. Priddle, M. Anderson, D. Jennings, P. Russell, J. Smith, S. Butters, N. Pinkson, T. Coates, S. Martin, L. Pittman, L. Garland, J. Lane, T. Ingram, C. White, L. Williams, C. Payne, D. Walsh. Silver Mountain Environmental Impact Assessment: hydrology, fisheries resources, recreational impacts, avian wildlife resources, water chemistry and biota, mammalian wildlife resources and plant resources. (General, Supervisor: I. Warkentin)
C. Shearing. Chemical additives in gasoline. (General, Supervisor: G. Rayner-Canham)

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