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 Current Work

Current  Work:

{Note: Bold  = students,  Bold/italic = technical staff}
  • D-R. Parkinson, J. O’Reilly and J. Pawliszyn. “A potential method for the study of surface reactions by solid phase microextraction with 1-pyrenyldiazomethane (PDAM).” For J. Separ. Sci.
  • D-R. Parkinson. “Chemical assessment of seasonal changes in the Corner Brook stream water supply, Corner Brook, NL.” For Water Quality Research Journal of Canada or Chemistry and Ecology
  • D-R. Parkinson, D. Grant, J. McCarthy. “Biosorption: Investigation of metal binding preference with Stonewort, antipyretica and Sphagnum biomass for application to metal ion removal from aqueous solution.” For Int. J. Phytoremed.
  • D-R. Parkinson, R. Gaultois. “Assessment of THM water contamination using time weighted averaging (TWA) sampling stop flow-SPME-GC/MS.” For Bull. Environ. Contam. Toxicol.
  • D-R. Parkinson, M. Beuachaine. “TXRF and FTIR analysis for the identification and quantification of metal carboxylate chelation in ground algal materials.” Bruker application note, #  (2013), Bruker AXS, Madison, WI, USA.
  • D-R. Parkinson, D-R. Parkinson, D. Grant, T.A.J. House. “Assessment of phytoextraction by Summer Savory (Satureja hortensis), Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) and Stonewort (Chara globularis) for removal of multi-valent metals from solutions.” Int. J. Phytoremed. [submitted]
  • D-R. Parkinson, T.A.J. House, Y. Li. “Antipyretica, Sphagnum, and Stonewortbiomass as a biosorption medium of heavy metals: Assessment of metal – carboxylate interactions.” Environ. Pollut. [submitted]
  • D-R. Parkinson, J. Pawliszyn. “Assessment and quantitation of thiol components from oily settling pond samples by Derivatized-Headspace-SPME-GC/MS.” Can. J. Chem. [submitted]
  • M. Cook, N-J. White, D-R. Parkinson. “Investigation of the Species Brassica juncea (Indian Mustard) and Brassica rapa (Field Mustard) for Metal Uptake Selectivity for Soil Remediation.” Plant Sci. [submitted]
  • J.J. Grandy, D-R. Parkinson. “Chitin and Chitosan as a biosorption medium for heavy metal removal from waste waters.” Int. J. Phytoremed. [submitted]
  • T.A.J. House, D-R. Parkinson, “Investigation of Metal Ion Removal from Aqueous Solutions by Stonewort, Chara globularis Thuill.” Chem. Papers [submitted]

Highlighted  Publications:

  • J.M. Warren, D-R. Parkinson, J. Pawliszyn. “Assessment of thiol compounds from garlic by automated headspace derivatized in-needle-NTD-GC/MS and derivatized in-fibre-SPME-GC/MS.” J. Agricult. and Food 61, 492-500 (2013).
  • D-R. Parkinson, “Comprehensive Sampling and Sample Preparation, Volume: 2 Extraction Techniques, Chapter 26: Analytical Derivatization.” Elsevier, 229-259 (2012).
  • D-R. Parkinson, J. M. Dust. “Overview of the current status of sediment chemical analysis: Trends in analytical techniques.” Environ. Rev. 18, 37-59 (2010).
  • D-R. Parkinson, J.M. Warren, J. Pawliszyn. “Analysis of Ergosterol for the detection of mold in soils by automated on-fiber derivatization headspace extraction-SPME-GC/MS.” Analytica. Chimica Acta 661, 181-187 (2010).
  • D-R. Parkinson, C. Churchill, L. Wady, J. Pawliszyn. “Investigation of Methyl Benzoate as an indicator of mold growth in indoor air quality.” Indoor and Built Environ. 18, 257-264 (2009).
  • D-R. Parkinson. “Correlation of methyl benzoate and ergosterol as biomarkers for mold and bacteria growth.” American Laboratory 14, 18-22 (2009).
  • D-R. Parkinson, T. Churchill, W. Rolls. “Assessment of matrix effects on methyl benzoate, a potential biomarker for detection of outgassed semi-volatiles from mold in indoor building materials.” Bul. Environ. Contam. Toxicol. 81, 494-497 (2008).
  • M.T. Moroni, P.Q. Carter, D.W. Strickland, L. Kahnt, F. Makeschin, and D-R. Parkinson. “Effect of forest harvesting and slash piling on microbial biomass and respiration in Newfoundland boreal forests.” Canadian J. of Soil Sci. 87.4, 455-458 (2007).

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