We plan to offer the following courses in the Fall 2014 semester:


Course Offerings

Math 1000 – Calculus I

Math 1001 – Calculus II

Math 1051 – Finite Mathematics II

Math 1090 – Algebra and Trigonometry

Math 2000 – Calculus III

Math 3240 – Graph Theory

Math 3340 – Introductory Combinatorics

Math 4242 – Algorithms and Complexity

Statistics 2550 – Statistics for Science Students

Engineering 1020 – Introduction to Programming


For all courses you should check the MUN Calendar for prerequisites and credit restrictions. If you are considering taking an upper level Math course (numbered 2000 or greater) and have questions about the prerequisites, please see Dr. Jared Howell.


Curious about what course follows the courses you have already taken?




If you have credit for Math 1090 or have a sufficient mark from high school or the MPT

You can do Math 1000


If you have credit for Math 1000 or passed the CPT

You can do Math 1001

If you have credit for Math 1001

You can do Math 2000


If you are a first year student who cannot take Math 1000 or Math 1001

You can take Math 1051 or Math 1090 (If your program requires Math 1000 you should take Math 1090  and then take Math 1000 in the Winter)


If you have credit for Math 2320

You can do Math 3240 or Math 3340


If you have credit for Math 3132 and

Math 3240

You can do Math 4242


If you are able to register for Math 1000

You can do Engineering 1020