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 Departmental Policies

Memorial University Student Code of Conduct

All students in Grenfell's Business programs will be expected to know and understand Memorial University's Code of Conduct. It reflects the expectation that students will conduct themselves in compliance with university regulations and policies, departmental policies, and federal, provincial and municipal laws, as well as codes of ethics that govern students who are members of regulated professions.

The Code outlines behaviour which the university considers to be non-academic misconduct offences, and the range of remedies and/or penalties which may be imposed. Academic misconduct is governed by the Memorial University Calendar and other university policies. For information about academic conduct, please visit here.

Cell Phones

Cell phones should be turned OFF during your class; if you are expecting an important call during your class time, please notify your instructor, turn your phone on vibrate, and sit near the front of the class where you may excuse quietly yourself from the room should you receive the phone call.

Texting in the classroom is not considered professional conduct and will not be tolerated; you may be asked to leave the room.

Course Deadlines

All deliverables are due at or before the beginning of class on the date indicated on the course schedule. Assignments presented after this time will not be accepted and will receive a mark of 0%. If you are unable to submit your assignment to your instructor directly and choose to place it in his or her mailbox (# at the Resource Centre) you must clearly identify the course name, number, instructor, and student name/number on the cover page. Under no circumstances are assignments to be submitted under your instructor’s office door.

Students must ensure that all course deadlines are met. If you are aware of any reason that might prevent this, it is your responsibility to notify your instructor prior to the specified due date so that an alternate, mutually agreeable arrangement may be made. Please note that documentation of the circumstances is required (e.g., doctor’s note). Refer to Clause 6.14.6, Information Required in Certificates from Health Professional, of the University Regulations 2014-2015 section of the University Calendar for further details.

Late Arrivals

Your business classes begin promptly at their scheduled start time; your instructor will close the classroom door(s) once the lecture has begun. If you cannot make it to class on time (i.e., before the close of the classroom doors), please consider not attending.

Class Cancellations

If classes are cancelled for any reason, lecture material will follow from where it was left once classes resume. If class cancellations result in a missed test, assignment submission or presentation, students should be prepared to write that exam, or submit or present the assignment in the first class immediately following the cancellation.

Referencing Style

Throughout your business program you will be expected to use standard American Psychological Association (APA) editorial style in your writing. Typical APA elements that you will be expected to incorporate into a standard business paper will be an APA-style title page, appropriate page number and heading formats, in-text citations, and references.

If you are unfamiliar with this style of formatting, please visit the on campus Learning Centre, the Ferriss Hodgett Library, or consult any of the online/print resources recommended by your instructors.

Academic Misconduct

Honesty and integrity are paramount to professional and academic success. As members of the university community we are all expected to adhere to very high standards of honesty in order to ensure the integrity of our work; breaches of these standards cannot be tolerated as they insult the integrity of each of us. As members of this university community, students in this program will be held to these same standards—academic misconduct will not be tolerated.

Further information on Memorial University’s Academic Misconduct regulations may be found in Section 6.11 of the University Regulations section of the 2014-2015 University Calendar.

Special Considerations for Students

If you require assistance or consideration of special arrangements because of a disability or other condition, please see your instructor privately as soon as possible, or contact the Coordinator of the Learning Centre (Lorna Payne, 637-6268, AS 235A), so that appropriate accommodations may be discussed. Such discussions will be strictly confidential, and information about your disability or condition will not be discussed with or conveyed to others without your permission.

It is your instructor’s responsibility to make every reasonable accommodation to support your positive learning experience; it is your responsibility to ensure the appropriate person is aware of any accommodation you may require. Grenfell Campus has a number of resources at its disposal to accommodate a variety of needs—please do not hesitate to inquire whether or not these resources may be of assistance to you.

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