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PLEASE NOTE: Program requirements for both the BBA and the Business Minor programs at Grenfell Campus differ from Business program requirements on Memorial's St. John's campus. If you have any questions about these differences, please feel free to contact the Office of the Registrar or the Program Chair.


Bachelor of Business Administration 2015-2016

New program regulations for the Grenfell Campus BBA were recently approved by Memorial University's Senate, and are effective immediately. If you have already started your BBA at Grenfell Campus, we have a clear pathway for your degree completion.
The BBA degree at Grenfell Campus is designed to deliver a comprehensive foundation in the fundamental areas of business and decision making.
  1. The BBA requires the completion of 120 credit hours. Candidates for graduation must achieve a grade point average of at least 2.5 and an average of at least 60% on those 120 credit hours.
    a)  ECON 2010 and 2020
    b)  6 credit hours in first-year ENGL
    c)  MATH 1000 and STAT 2500
    d)  BUSN 1010, 1020, 2020, 2100, 2110, 2200, 2250, 2300, 2310, 3010, 3030, 3300, 3410, 3500,
         3600, 4010, 4040, and 4070
    e)  At least 15 credit hours but not more than 24 credit hours chosen from Table 2 Business Electives
    f)  At least 24 credit hours but not more than 33 credit hours, chosen from electives other than those
        listed in Table 2 Business Electives (below), to make up the total 120 credit hours required for the

Students enrolled in the BBA program are not required to complete a minor program; however, students may choose to pursue a minor in other academic units (where minor programs exist) with the permission of that academic unit. Students are advised to refer to the requirements for the chosen minor program as set forth in the University Calendar, and it is recommended that students seek academic advice when planning their program.

Download a BBA advising guide here and use it to keep track of your degree progress.

If you have already begun your BBA program at Grenfell Campus and will be transitioning to the new program regulations, download a BBA advising guide for transition students here. This guide shows which BUSI and BUSN courses are considered equivalent at Grenfell Campus.

Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) 2015-2016

The BBA (Honours) signifies superior academic achievement.

  1. To be considered for an Honours degree, a candidate must so indicate on the University's official Application for Graduation. Additional information is available from the Office of the Registrar.
  2. A candidate for the BBA (Honours) shall:
    a)  comply with all regulations governing the General Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration
    b)  obtain a minimum overall average of 75% in the courses prescribed in 1.d) and e) above, and
    c)  obtain a minimum overall grade point average of 3.25 in the 120 credit hours required for the degree
  3. Candidates are not permitted ot repeat or substitute courses for the purpose of meeting these criteria.
  4. A declared candidate for an Honours degree who fails to fulfill the conditions of clause 2 but fulfills the requirements for a General degree shall be awarded the General degree of BBA.

Minor in Business

The Minor in Business at Grenfell Campus requires the completion of 24 credit hours as follows. Note that course prerequisites to all Business courses will apply to the Business Minor.

  1. BUSN 1010 and 1020
  2. 9 credit hours in BUSN courses at the 2000 level
  3. 9 credit hours in BUSN courses at the 3000 level or above

Table 1 Recommended BBA Curriculum

​Year 1 ​Year 2 ​Year 3 ​Year 4
​BUSN 1010
BUSN 1020
ECON 2010
ECON 2020
2 courses 1000-level ENGL
MATH 1000*
9 credit hours in electives
​BUSN 2020
BUSN 2100
BUSN 2110
BUSN 2200
BUSN 2250
BUSN 2300
BUSN 2310
STAT 2500
6 credit hours in electives
​BUSN 3010
BUSN 3030
BUSN 3300
BUSN 3410
BUSN 3500
BUSN 3600
12 credit hours in electives
​BUSN 4010
BUSN 4040
BUSN 4070
21 credit hours in electives

*note that you may be required to complete MATH 1050 and/or MATH 1090 before MATH 1000​ ​ ​ ​

Table 2 Business Electives
​BUSN 2320 BUSN 4020​ ​BUSN 5020 ​ECON 3160 ​ ​NOTE that students who have completed BUSI 2400, 2700, 7050, and/or 7600 prior to the 2015-2016 academic year will be permitted to substitute these courses as Table 2 Business Electives.
BUSN 2500
BUSN 4030
​BUSN 5030
​ECON 3550
​BUSN 3060
​BUSN 4060 ​BUSN 5040
​ECON 4550
​BUSN 3100 ​BUSN 4080
COMP 1600 ​EVST 3000
​BUSN 3110
​BUSN 4120
​COMP 1700
​EVST 3001
​BUSN 3120
​BUSN 4130
​ECON 2550 ​EVST 3085
​BUSN 3220
​BUSN 4210
​ECON 3000
​EVST 4000
​BUSN 3230
​BUSN 4230
​ECON 3001
​MATH 2090
​BUSN 3240
​BUSN 4310
​ECON 3010
​POSC 2200
​BUSN 3320
​BUSN 4510 ​ECON 3011
​POSC 2600
​BUSN 3510 ​BUSN 4610 ​ECON 3030
​POSC 2800
​BUSN 3610
​BUSN 4660 ​ECON 3080
​POSC 3550
​BUSN 3620
​BUSN 4800-4850
​ECON 3085
​POSC 3731
​BUSN 3800-3850
​BUSN 5010
​ECON 3150
​SOCI 2120
​SRMG 4003

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