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 Business Student's Survival Guide

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2011-12 Business Student's Survival Guide coming soon!

The first year of study at University can be daunting at times. These tips can help you with your intro business classes, and other classes too.

  1. Read the assigned material BEFORE your lectures.
    • If (for some unknown reason!) you cannot read your assigned material before class, be sure to read it after. Assigned material is fair game for tests and exams--even if it is not mentioned in class.
  2. Take notes in class. You will find, depending on your professor that your instructor may not write much on the board. This is not a signal to sit back and relax. Pick out the important points and write them down.
    • Reread your notes after EACH class and see your professor about any questions you may have.
    • TIP: Use the buddy system; if you miss a class, check with a classmate to see what was covered.
    • TIP: Do NOT, under ANY circumstances, ask your instructor to re-lecture.
  3. Cramming for tests (studying for 5 hours the night before the test) is not very efficient or effective. Instead, study for, say, 30 minutes each night for a week before the test.
  4. If you do not understand something in class ask a question. That’s why your instructor is there! If you are intimidated in class you might try asking your question to the professor after class, or during the instructor’s office hours.
  5. Come to class--you might even enjoy it!

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