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 First Year Students

First Year Students

If you’re serious about studying the environment, you couldn’t select a better place than Grenfell Campus. In western Newfoundland, as in few other places in Canada, the economy is resource-based and focused on the environment. Forestry, fishing (both commercial and sport), and tourism are all vital to the area’s economy. Broader elements of environmental concern are also evident, from recycling and composting to renewable energies.

Our Environmental Studies program is designed for students who want to study environmental issues and contribute to designing the solutions of the future. As an Environmental Studies student, your courses would come from numerous areas of study, including geography, economics, political science, resource management, environmental law, and religious studies.

The outdoor environmental pursuits courses explore the how’s and why’s of various outdoor skills. For example, you can learn, among other things, the arts of sea kayaking and cross-country skiing. Our location in western Newfoundland provides an excellent backdrop for these courses. Corner Brook, and the areas nearby, are well-known as first class outdoor recreation destinations. Grenfell Campus professors often take advantage of our close proximity to national and provincial parks; downhill, cross country, and backcountry skiing locations; and scenic rivers, lakes, and coastal areas to administer these courses.

Students planning to enter the Environmental Studies program should consult with the Chair of Environmental Studies, Dr. Gabriela Sabau. She will help them determine their program itinerary and which courses should be taken within each year.

A sample first year schedule might look like this:

Year 1/Fall

Year 1/Winter

ECON 2010 (Intro to Microeconomics)

EARTH SCIENCES 1000 (Earth Systems)

EVST 1000 (Intro to Environmental Studies)

EVST 2000 (Intro to Mapping, Remote Sensing and GIS)

EVST 2210 (Outdoor Environmental Pursuits I)

EVST 2220 (Outdoor Environmental Pursuits II)

GEOG 1050 (Intro to Principles and Practice of Geography)

GEOG 2102 (Physical Geography)



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