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The multidisciplinary nature of the Environmental Studies program provides graduates with a comprehensive foundation from which to embark on a diversity of careers in the environmental arena and also provides an excellent foundation for further academic studies at the graduate level. Careers and graduate-level academic programs related to the fields of communications, environmental impact assessment, environmental law, and environmental policy and planning are all attainable for Environmental Studies graduates. Depending on student preferences and choice of elective courses, other post graduate options include further work in geography, geographical information systems (GIS), marine and coastal area studies, and sustainable development. Through involvement in practical outdoor experiences during their studies, Environmental Studies graduates will be in a position to improve their outdoor skills and assess the impacts of recreational activities on the environment. This experience and training will lay the foundation for graduate-level studies in outdoor recreation and for careers in outdoor recreation management, adventure tourism development and related fields which are important to the future of Newfoundland and Labrador’s economy.

If you would like to view a listing of what Grenfell Environmental Studies graduates are doing now, please click here.(PDF, 91.4kb)

Chad Howse studied Environmental Studies, Outdoor Pursuits at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College and Graduated in 2005. Always being the outdoor enthusiast with an interest in natural resources Chad knew his next step after graduating was to pursue a career as a Conservation Officer with a Federal or Provincial Agency. In 2006 Chad entered a competition for a Fishery Officer position with Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO). He was successful in the competition and after completing 17 weeks of training with the Coast Guard and RCMP Chad was offered a position in Goose Bay, NL.

Chad is now the acting Field Supervisor in Goose Bay. You can find him on the rivers, lakes and marine waters of Labrador. During the spring, summer and fall he will be on Upper Lake Melville or the Churchill River in one of their patrol vessels. However, in the winter he spends most of his time on skidoo, patrolling the numerous recreational fishing areas Labrador has to offer.


Chad Howse Sir Wilfred Grenfell College (B.A. Environmental Studies - 2005)


I have been working in the field of outdoor and environmental education for over 15 years, currently working with the Western School District in the position Outdoor Education Coordinator and Teacher for Education for Sustainability. In this position, I work with students, teachers, administrators and partner groups to help get students outside and learning through experience with nature. I also work with classroom teachers to develop and deliver sustainability units in which students learning is interdisciplinary, aimed at clarifying values and focuses around local and global issues. to learn and grow.

Having grown up in Edmonton, I have been living in Newfoundland since traveling here to complete an Environmental Studies degree at Grenfell in 1999. I worked in a variety of environmental education positions before returning to school for Bachelor of Education, which I completed in 2007 and again for a Masters of Education, which I completed in 2011. I believe it is important for student learning to be about and in the community and nature. This drives my involvement with many community organizations including the Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Educators, the Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Network, the Model Forest of NL, ACAP Humber Arm, and others. I would encourage Grenfell students to integrate the work and perspectives of local environmental groups in their academics and personal involvements.

(To view a video of Margaret McKeon discussing her work as an outdoor educator with the Western School District click this link.)

Margaret McKeon
Grenfell College (B.A. Environmental Studies - 1999), (B.A. Education - 2007), (M.A Education - 2011)

When I began my Environmental Studies degree at Grenfell Campus I was, like many new university students, somewhat unsure of my path and even wondered whether university was right for me. The friendly and nurturing atmosphere at Grenfell and the interesting course material of the Environmental Studies program, however, soon eased my concerns. With courses in geography, environmental economics, environmental impact assessment, geographical information systems, and outdoor pursuits the Environmental Studies program provided me with an interdisciplinary lens with which to view natural resource management and environmental issues. The importance of this interdisciplinary approach was emphasized throughout my Environmental Studies degree and has continued to be an important part of my studies at both the Masters and PhD level. Grenfell’s engaging programs; its small class sizes; its friendly, approachable professors and its beautiful natural setting make it a fantastic place to learn and grow.


Stephen E. Decker
Grenfell College (B.A. Environmental Studies - 2004) MUN (M.A. Geography - 2007) Wilfrid Laurier
University (Ph.D Geography and Environmental Studies - ongoing)

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