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 Psychology Society


The PSYCHOLOGY SOCIETY is a student-run organization. Fundraising activities allow the society to:

  • Host socials with psychology professors
  • Organize graduation festivities
  • Plan psychology-related events
  • Donate funds for non-profit organizations

The Psychology Society's goals are to raise awareness about mental health, engage students in the field of psychology, and to foster a positive and encouraging learning environment for students. These goals are accomplished by:

  1. Spread awareness about mental health and decrease the stigmas surrounding mental health issues.
  2. Give back to mental health issues in the community through fundraising.
  3. Cater to students at Grenfell Campus through fun events and fundraisers.

The Psychology Society meets in the Dem Room once a week. We are always looking for new members and volunteers! It’s a great way to meet other students, interact with professors, and get involved in campus life.

The Psychology Society meets in the Dem Room once a week. We are always looking for new members and volunteers! It’s a great way to meet other students, interact with professors, and get involved in campus life.

The Dem Room (AS 348) is a meeting place for all psychology students. Feel free to use this space to:

  • Work on your courses
  • Use the computers and other psychology resources
  • Socialize / de-stress with other psychology students
  • Stay informed by reading relevant notices posted on dem room boards

For up to date news and events hosted by the Psychology Society, LIKE us on Facebook!​

    Brandon Hynes

    Welcome to the Psychology Society at Grenfell Campus! My name is Brandon Hynes, but you can call me B-Rad if you like. I am in my senior year completing my B.A. in Psychology. Though all aspects of Psychology are excellent, I am largely interested in the areas of social and counseling psychology. I also really enjoy singing and baking when I’m not busy studying.

    You’re likely to see me in the Dem room (AS 348), in the hallways trying to make people laugh and smile, or running to class. I love to meet new people, and I love lending a helping hand wherever I can.

    I cannot wait to see what this year will have in store for us. I love to hear any ideas or recommendations for the society, so if you would like to see us do something, or take on an initiative, please let us know! We are eager to see what we can accomplish this year!

    If you have any questions, please come find me! Pull me aside in the hallway, send me an e-mail, or pop by the Dem room! We love seeing old and new faces all the time. Here’s to an excellent year!


    Megan Carter

    I'm a fourth year student completing my B.A in Psychology with a math minor. I've been a general member of the Psychology Society for the last year. During the first three years I spent in university at Memorial, I was completing a math major. I soon found that math was not what I wanted to pursue and fell in love with psychology. I find all fields of psychology interesting however what entices me the most is cognitive and social psychology.

    The last year I have spent in the psych society has opened my mind to issues surrounding mental health and mental health awareness, and I have found that the society helps bring such issues to the forefront in order to help find new initiatives to try to improve individual's understanding.

    As the new psych society secretary I'm responsible for the minutes from my weekly meetings and helping out the president and vice president. If you have any questions feel free to ask me I can be found in the Dem room probably hiding out and chatting away… Oh, and studying too of course!

    Felicia Pollard

    Hey guys! I’m Felicia, but all of my friends call me Fee, so feel free to do so as well! I am currently in the process of completing my B.A. in Psychology, with a minor in French. I hope to one day use my degree to bring peace to those suffering from PTSD; specifically soldiers and their families.

    The psych society offers so many amazing opportunities. I especially adore the work they've done in an effort to end the stigmas on mental illness. As the social media rep I want to use the current, we’ll say, “love” that our generation has for social media to spread awareness of such topics to our lovely campus community.

    I’m pretty lame, but in the laid back, positive kind of way! If you like Assassin’s Creed or Game of Thrones you’re automatically a winner in my book!

    In all seriousness, I love hearing everybody's unique stories; the path you took to get where you are... it's easily one of my favourite pastimes. you’re all so interesting! If you need a friend or someone to just hear you out, don't be afraid to come talk to me. You can message me, email me, do whatever you’re comfortable with.

    We welcome everyone with open arms; regardless of your major, you are more than welcome to be a part of this society, we would love some more diversity! I hope to see you around, pop by the dem room and see what we are all about.

    Heidi Abbott

    Hi, I'm Heidi! I have been at Grenfell Campus since 2010, and am now completing my B.Sc. in Psychology. I have taken classes in many disciplines, and fell in love with Psychology! If I'm not in school, you can find me hanging out with my fur babies: Bentley the dog and Raine the horse. I will be filling the position of Social Media Representative this year with the Psychology Society, so make sure you check out our Facebook page for exciting news and events! If you have any questions, or would like to become involved, please stop me in the hall and ask!!! I look forward to another amazing year at Grenfell, and to meeting you all!

    Susanna Applin

    I am currently in my fifth year at Grenfell doing a Psychology major and Social Cultural Studies minor. After I complete this degree, I am interested in applying to the fast-track education program and eventually work toward counselling or education for students with exceptionalities.

    During my time at Grenfell, I have fallen in love with Psychology. I love the campus because of the friendly people and the fantastic profs who genuinely care about the students. The friendships I have made along the way are everlasting and mean the world to me.

    Outside of school work I don’t really have many hobbies (unless you consider watching Netflix and YouTube videos about dog’s hobbies). I can usually be found around campus or in the Dem room. If you see me around anywhere feel free to strike up a conversation, I love meeting new people :)

    McLennon Wilson

    I’m a fourth year student completing my B.Sc (Hons) in Psychology. My main interests are social cognition and the psychology of language, particularly in children and non-human primates. Over the past few years I’ve assisted Dr. Carla Krachun with her research in the field of comparative psychology, contrasting the cognition of chimpanzees and bonobos with that of humans.

    I love to help other students learn and get hyped on psych, so shoot me an email or come up and chat if you’d like some help grasping a topic or just want to geek out in general. You’ll likely find me at the Backlot most Fridays after class.

    Grenfell is fantastic, the psych department in particular. You’ll enjoy studying psych here, guaranteed.

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