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 Winter Course List

  • SRM 2001. Sustainable Resource Management II: Industry-Specific Approaches. Develops the topics presented in Sustainable Resource Management 2000 with reference to specific industries such as the fishery, forests, mining, oil and gas, soils, and water. This course traces the importance of resources in their historical context both locally and globally.
    • Prerequisite: Sustainable Resource Management 2000
  • SRM 3001. Environmental Planning and Management. Focuses on balancing economic growth and environmental objectives. Environmental risk analysis, environmental auditing, and First Nations’ perspectives will also be studied.
    • Prerequisite: Sustainable Resource Management 3000
  • SRM 3002. Biodiversity. Focuses on the three dimensions of biodiversity (genetic diversity, species diversity, and ecosystem diversity) and their relationships. Biodiversity will be addressed from an interdisciplinary perspective as genes, species, and ecosystems are of economic and biological interest.
    • Prerequisite: Biology 1001, Sustainable Resource Management 2000, and Sustainable Resource Management 2001
  • SRM 4002. Risk Assessment and Management. This course is an introduction to risk assessment and management as interdisciplinary processes.
    • Prerequisite: Environmental Studies 4000
  • SRM 4010. Research Seminar in Sustainable Resource Management. This course is the senior seminar in which selected sustainable resource management topics are examined from an interdisciplinary perspective. The seminars are presented on current research and environmental issues by faculty, students, and guest speakers from universities, government, and industry.
    • Prerequisite: Enrolment in the final year of the Sustainable Resource Management program or permission of the program Chair.
  • SRM 4950. Independent Research Project. Requires that students carry out an approved project on a topic in Sustainable Resource Management and prepare a major paper under the supervision of a faculty member. Students will undertake both a systematic literature review and independent research.
    • Prerequisite: Permission of the Sustainable Resource Management Chair

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