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 Faculty and Staff

  • Rainer Baehre
    Associate Professor, Historical Studies.  B.A., M.A., M.Phil. (Waterloo), Ph.D. (York).  Cross-listed: Social/Cultural Studies Program.

    Office: AS333
    Phone: (709) 637-6278
    Areas of Interests: Dr. Baehre teaches Canadian history, comparative social history (including gender history) and the ethnohistory of Canadian native peoples. His research interests focus on the historical origins and interrelationship of the modern state, i.e., how social and cultural institutions and "power/knowledge" relating to criminal justice, medical care, social welfare, immigration, gender and native policies are interconnected and have shaped present-day western societies.
  • John Bodner
    Assistant Professor, Folklore and Social/Cultural Studies. B.A. (Trent), M.A. (Memorial), Ph.D.  (Memorial)

    Office: AS390
    Phone: (709) 639-2380
    Areas of Interests: Youth subcultures, popular culture, marginalized communities and nontraditional labouring. Dr. Bodner's recent work has centered on the daily lives of street kids in Toronto and their vernacular survival practices.
  • Zdenka Chloubova
    PhD Candidate (Queen’s University); MA (University of Regina); BA (University of Regina)

    Office: AS 389
    Phone: (709) 637-7146
    Areas of Interests: Critical and subversive social theory and research strategies - particularly as both relate to the subjects of power, agency, inequality, knowledge and ethics. As part of my dissertation work, I am currently working to theorize the mental testing movement and its role in the extension of the psychological laboratory into educational, industrial and clinical contexts.
  • Marie Croll
    Associate Professor, Sociology and Social/Cultural Studies; Chair, Social/Cultural Studies.  B.A. Hons. (Mt. St. Vincent), M.A. (Dalhousie), M.Ed., (U.N.B.), Ph.D. (Stirling).

    Office: AS381
    Phone: (709) 637-6200 ext 6477
    Areas of Interests: Dr. Croll's research interests include identity construction, narrative, and gender and trauma, interests central to her recent book, Following Sexual Abuse: A Sociological Interpretation of Identity Re/Formation in Reflexive Therapy (University of Toronto Press). Other research foci include the private/social shaping and sustaining of identity in the face of discrimination and dehumanizing social institutions, as well as technology and society. These areas underpin her current research on the Magdalene Laundries in locales such as Ireland, Australia, and New Brunswick.
  • Ivan Emke
    Associate Professor, Anthropology, Sociology and Social/Cultural Studies. Facilitator for Internationalization. B.A. (Ohio State), M.A. (Windsor), Ph.D. (Carleton).

    Office: AS386B
    Phone: (709) 639-2392
    Areas of Interests: Rural development dynamics, with special focus on how communications affect development outcomes; modern funeral services industry, how it is changing, who enters the profession and how we can understand the changes in our culture by looking at changes in funeral rituals. Intercultural competence, recognition and celebration of diversity, and integration of newcomers (including immigrants) with current residents in rural regions.
  • Doreen Klassen
    Associate Professor, Folklore, Anthropology, and Social/Cultural Studies.  Invited Faculty in Ethnomusicology, School of Music, St. John's. B.A. (Wilfred Laurier), M.A. (Manitoba), Ph.D. (Indiana).

    Office: AS382
    Phone: (709) 639-2384
    Areas of Interests: gesture in women’s storytelling (Zimbabwe and Botswana); the politics of public art (wall mural production in Winnipeg, Manitoba); gendered identity in public and private space (laundry practices in western Newfoundland); and Mennonite identity and expressive behaviour: women's lifestories in Belize and Mexico, the politics of Mennonite religous music and vernacular Low German song, and applied ethnomusicology.
  • Angela Robinson
    Associate Professor, Anthropology.  B.A., M.Phil., M.A. (Memorial), Ph.D. (McMaster)

    Office: AS380
    Phone: 637-6291
    Areas of Interests: Dr. Robinson’s research focuses on the belief systems and socialization processes of the Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq. She is presently working with the Bay St. George Mi’kmaq, conducting ethno-historical research.

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