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 Fall Courses

May Be Subject To Change:

Should there be any discrepancies between the course list below and the official course list provided by the Registrar's Office, the Registrar's listing will govern.

  • ANTH 1031. Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology. provides an overview of the field of social and cultural anthropology. Diverse case studies will be used to illustrate key anthropological concepts and methods.
    • Corequisite: the former ANTH 1000 or 2000
  • ANTH 2414 . Aboriginal Peoples of North America . is a survey course dealing with various indigenous peoples of North America
    • Corequisite: the former ANTH 3281
  • FOLK 1000. Introduction to Folklore. explores the role of tradition in communication, art and society. Reading assignments and audiovisual material will emphasize the use of folklore in context. Students will analyse traditions in their own lives through special assignments.
  • FOLK 2300. Newfoundland and Labrador Folklore . (same as the former Anthropology 2300) is a survey of the full range of folklore in the province, with an emphasis on community and regional identity.
    • Corequisite: the former Anthropology 2300, the former FOLK 3420
  • FOLK 3830. Foodways. as a term embraces a variety of traditions which focus on dietary practices as well as the preparation and allocation of food. As an introduction to foodways, the course will begin by looking at a variety of regional foods. In addition, both historical and contemporary approaches to the supply, storage, preparation and serving of food will be considered. In fact, we will be looking, from both practical and theoretical perspectives, at the whole range of cookery and food habits - from the acquisition of raw materials to the allocation of portions.
  • FOLK 3930. Folklore and Popular Culture. is an examination of the transitional processes involved in the development of folk societies to mass cultures with regard to folklore and the products of popular culture. In addition, sensory and technological media theories will be scrutinized and evaluated in conjunction with cultural comparisons of the qualities and functions of: folksong, disc recordings and the radio; folktales, television melodrama and popular film; folk art and popular "techno-art" forms.
    • Corequisite: the former FOLK 2400
  • SCS 4000. Interdisciplinary Seminar in Social/Cultural Studies . is conducted through faculty presentations, assigned readings and group discussions and students will learn how to engage and evaluate the broad debates within Anthropology, Folklore and Sociology. Rather than focus on narrow substantive material from the disciplines, this seminar will emphasize the larger shifts and challenges which have led to new topics and methods of analysis within the social sciences.
    • Prerequisite: completion of 90 credit hours or more and admission to Social/Cultural Studies
  • SOCI 1000. Introduction to Sociology . is an introduction to the concepts, principles, and topics of Sociology. This course is a prerequisite to most departmental courses.
    • Corequisite: the former SOCI 2000
  • SOCI 2120. Technology and Society. is an examination of the role of technology in society. Topics may include the emergence of modern technological society, the impact of new technologies on social organization and culture, and the institutionalization of science and the production of scientific knowledge. The course also explores the ideological functions of science and technology in advanced industrial societies as well as the question of "the domination of nature".
  • SOCI 2210. Communication and Culture. (same as the former Sociology/Anthropology 2210 and the former Anthropology 2210) is an examination of verbal and non-verbal systems of communication, and the influence of language on human cognition.
    • Corequisite: the former Sociology/Anthropology 2210, the former Anthropology 2210
  • SOCI 3040. Introduction to the Methods of Sociological Research . provides elementary familiarization with the study of sociology. To this end various strategies for posing and answering sociologically grounded questions will be explored. We take you 'behind the scenes' of the research process to provide basic research skills and strengthen your capacity to critically read and evaluate the research-based writing of others.
    • Prerequisite: SOCI 1000 or the former 2000
  • SOCI 3150. Classical Social Theory. is an introduction to the work of major 19th and early 20th-century social theorists including Marx, Durkheim, Weber and Freud.
    • Prerequisite: Six credit hours in Soci at the 2000-level.

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