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 Program Requirements

The Social / Cultural Studies Core
The B.A. in Social/Cultural Studies requires the completion of at least 120 credit hours. Students will complete a Social/Cultural Studies Core (60 credit hours), which provides a broadly-based introduction to the study of society and culture. Breadth and depth will be added by means of elective courses, at least six of which (18 credit hours) must be taken from Anthropology, Folklore, and Sociology. As an interdisciplinary program it does not require a minor; however, students in other majors can take a minor in Sociology, Social/Cultural Studies, and Folklore. Students interested in a Bachelor of Education (Primary/Elementary) should note that folklore is considered a "focus area".

Social/Cultural Studies core courses (20 courses, 60 credit hours)


ANTH 1031

Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology


Culture and Communication


Social Movements

ANTH 3083

Cultural Crises and the Environment


The Later Ethnohistory of North America's Native Peoples

FOLK 1000

Introduction to Folklore

FOLK 2100

Folklore Research Methods


Newfoundland Society and Culture


Newfoundland Folklore

FOLK 2401

Folklife Studies

SOCI 2000

Principles of Sociology

SOCI 2120

Technology and Society

SOCI 3040

Introduction to the Methods of Social Research

SOCI 3150

Classical Social Theory


Gender and Society

SCS 4000

Seminar in Social/Cultural Studies

SCS 4100

Issues in Cultural Studies

SCS 4950

Independent Project

HIST 1100

Introduction to History I

HIST 1101

Introduction to History II

Social/Cultural Studies Electives (6 courses, 18 credit hours)
In addition to the above Social/Cultural Studies core, students will take an additional 18 credit hours (6 courses) from Anthropology, Folklore and/or Sociology (not including any of those mentioned above). These courses can be at the second, third or fourth year level. Over a normal four-year cycle, there will be approximately 20 different course offerings to choose from to complete this requirement.


Independent Project
The BA in Social/Cultural Studies at SWGC culminates with SCS 4950, an independent project. This project provides an opportunity for students to carry out a faculty-approved project related to social and cultural issues. It allows students to synthesize, focus, and apply four years of interdisciplinary exploration in Anthropology, Folklore, Sociology, and Cultural Studies to a specific issue or question. The final product will reflect students’ growing independence as scholars and serve as a bridge either to further study or working in the cultural industries, professional occupations, and/or social services.

Core University Requirements
In addition to the Social/Cultural Studies core requirements, all students will need to complete the Grenfell College core requirements regarding language literacy (30 credit hours), as well as science and numeracy literacy (12 credit hours). However, all language literacy and three hours of numeracy literacy requirements can be met through the completion of the Social/Cultural Studies core and electives, leaving only an additional nine hours of science and numeracy literacy. For further information on core university requirements see:

General Electives
The remaining 24 credit hours (8 courses) are electives which can be chosen from any other combination of disciplines. In total, students will complete at least 120 credit hours (40 courses).

The fine print: The Social/Cultural Studies program is available only at the Sir Wilfred Grenfell College campus of Memorial University of Newfoundland, based in Corner Brook, NL.

Minor in Social / Cultural Studies (8 courses, 24 hours)

  • ANTH 1031 (Social and Cultural Anthropology), FOLK 1000 (Introduction to Folklore), SOCI 2000 (Principles of Sociology)
  • Either ANTH 2410 (Classics in Cultural Anthropology) or SOCI 3150 (Classical Social Theory)
  • Either FOLK 2100 (Folklore Research Methods) or SOCI 3040 (Methods of Social Research)
  • One more Anthropology course, one more Sociology course, and one more Folklore course

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